Get your first dominated

When working back in the gym, one of the most used exercises is dominated, a very intense and difficult movement to achieve, especially if we are beginners in the world of fitness. So today left some tips so you can get your first dominated.

Chins are an exercise where the entire body must be mobilized by force of muscles located in the upper body, especially in the back. Therefore, hanging from a fixed bar, it is very complex and raise the entire body overcome gravity.

To achieve the first dominated, we not only have strength in the muscles involved in the exercise, but also we can go to different tricks and / or movements that help us get the elevation of the entire body above the bar.

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Exercises to achieve dominated the first

If you want to make your first dominated in order to strengthen and broaden the back working dorsal, round, and rhomboids, biceps and brachialis, we tell you some exercises may be needed before moving on to the bar.

That is, to strengthen these muscles gaining strength and go to later rise on the high bar and specify the dominated, some exercises that can be performed are:

  • Lat pulldown: Ideal for working the dorsal and teres major and arm muscles involved in the dominated, and go gaining strength to climb them.
  • Hammer bicep curl type: Works specifically biceps and brachialis, which are the muscles of the arms most frequently requested to perform dominated.
  • Ring row or paddle rings: It is more intense than previous ones, requesting muscles similar to those dominated worked with back and we can make exercise before moving on to the high bar and try to come up with the body suspended.
  • Remo invested in multi-power: It is an excellent alternative to dominated, where although we must raise the full weight of our body, we do with less travel and a foothold on the ground. Therefore, it is ideal to run before moving to the dominated.

In addition to these exercises serve to gain strength and prepare our muscles before moving on to the dominated, it is always advisable to strengthen the abdominal and other muscles in the middle of the body must also contracted in carrying out the exercise.

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Tricks to get your chin

In addition to strengthening the muscles performing adequate training that includes those years before, we can go to different tricks to get perfect dominated:

  • Seeing a partner to assist us and help us to go up and down to make dominated, so subtracting strength to the muscles involved.
  • Run the exercise from a chair, i.e. standing on a bench or chair, we try lowering the body attached bar suspension, as slowly as possible, to go to strengthen the muscles involved.
  • Perform halfway, for example, up until your arms are semi-flexed and down repeatedly to gain strength and power up completely over time, until the chest touches the bar.
  • Using the machine dominated assisted using a weight slightly below our weight at the beginning and then our body weight, to accustom the muscles to mobilize this burden.
  • Retain the position isometric contraction, even at halfway, hold the weight with muscles contracted when the arms are suspended semi-flexed and body, with the aim of strengthening the body going to run perfect dominated.

With these tricks and proper training, you can make one of the most complex and intense movements for your body and strengthen it with the back.

If you want to get your first dominated and widen its realization torso for the summer, here are some tips you can implement.

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