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5 Ways to increase your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest and when you are active. The first fuel use your body are carbohydrates and fats. Make your body to burn these fuels at a high level if you want to lose weight and gain vitality.

As we grow older, our metabolism slows. We need to improve our metabolism increase muscle density and pay close attention to how you feed your body.

Increase your metabolism
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Endurance training

Strength training creates the stimulus that your body needs to build more muscle. Muscle is the engine that drives your metabolism and consumes a lot of fuel. Is an active tissue, which means that even at rest are burning calories. Therefore, if you create more muscle mass through resistance training you are giving your body a much larger engine. In addition, a bigger engine burns more fuel. This means that the more muscle you have more will increase your metabolism.

Lift more weight

While resistance training is very important to help challenge your muscles constantly maintaining a good intensity. Muscles adapt to the exercises. It is important to vary workouts and increase the weight you lift as you progress. Very often, when we meet people who are struggling to lose weight one of the first things that we must ensure is that they are doing resistance training.

High-intensity workouts

High intensity workouts interval or HIIT are the best friend of your metabolism. Combine high-intensity exercise interval with periods of active recovery improves your body’s ability to burn fat. The benefits continue after your HIIT training which means that your metabolism burns more fat and carbohydrates even hours after finishing training.

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Eat more protein

If you’re going to be training with weight and exercising high intensity interval you need to give your body the material you need to create more muscle. The muscle is made ​​of amino acids.And the protein consists of amino acids. Some of them are considered essential which means that you get from your diet because your body is not able to create them. Make sure you get the full range of amino acids through your diet, it is critical to build and repair your muscles. Animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids your body needs. The plant protein containing all essential amino acids are quinoa, soy, hemp seed and chia. Combine other sources of plant proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids such as grains and rice allow you to get all the variety you need.

Eating protein with your meals and snacks reduces the glycemic load of foods and helps keep sugar levels stable blood. When your blood sugar is stable, it allows your body to mobilize fat and use as fuel much more efficiently. We encourage our customers to consume protein at every meal or snack. How much to eat will depend on their size and type of exercise you are doing. However, use your hand as a reference. Your service for a meal protein should be the size of your hand. In addition, for snacks should be half.

Drinking green tea

Among its many other health benefits drinking green tea can help speed up your metabolism. According to studies, green tea provides an increase in your metabolism and improves your body’s ability to burn fat. Green tea can also help improve insulin sensitivity. High levels of insulin in the blood can result from consuming foods with high glycemic load or when your cells have become resistant to insulin. Green tea will help control insulin levels and blood sugar. When you reduce these levels, it is much easier for your body to mobilize and burn fat.

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