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Knowing some dental specialties

The dentist is the professional who practices dentistry, so it has knowledge and has specialized in the study of the teeth, periodontium, temporomandibular joint (joint between the temporal bone and jaw), the neuromuscular system each of the parts of the mouth or oral cavity.

To summarize, the dentist or dentist, diagnose, prevent or cure any problem we have in our mouth, head or neck. Although only recurrently we associate the teeth.

Dental specialties
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Within the dentistry there are different specializations, it is why there are professionals who can focus on a specific area such as childcare (dentistry) or orthodontics (correction to the alignment of the teeth). However, any dentist can solve a dental problem of a general nature.

To get an idea about what specialties, which exist or attend specialist depending on the need or dental problem that we have, we share a brief, very brief description of some dental specialties.

Integral dental or General

The comprehensive or general dentistry for children and adults is the basis of studies for dentists or dentists to diagnose and develop a treatment plan in relation to the dental health of a patient. The dentist or general dentist performs treatments of all types and can lead to some other specialist when there is a specific emergency or deemed necessary.

Integral Dentistry pediatric dentistry or Child

It is specialized in the prevention and dentist performing dental procedures, usually in children under 14 years of age. The idea is that this type of professional know properly treat a child without causing traumas, treat it differently; educate, correct bad habits, prevent tooth decay and anticipate future dental health problems.


The orthodontics specializes in correcting the location of the teeth and jaws to solve problems or changes in aesthetic or functional character in our face or mouth. Generally, we tend to relate to the use of braces or dental plates. Issues relating to go, we could say, for example, a dentist may refer a child with problems at the location of your dental pieces to an orthodontist.

We must remember that with advances in dental care today, treatments orthodontics is applicable for both children and adults.


The root canal is the specialty that is in charge of solving a problem when a cavity, affecting a tooth has developed to a point where it is affecting the tissues of the tooth including the pulp of the tooth that is therein. It is what we call “root canal”. Generally, we can notice when we feel a sharp pain in a tooth when you chew something or instantly without cause.


The specialty of periodontics refers treatment specialist professional who diagnoses, prevents and heals tissues assert our teeth. Which they are: gum, bone and periodontal ligament and cementum.

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Some situations that solves the dentist or dentist specializing in periodontics is when some or all of these fabrics have inflammation due to various reasons such as poor oral hygiene, poor brushing technique and tartar buildup on the teeth, which can lead to loss teeth at an early age.

We must be vigilant and go to a periodontist if you suffer from this disease, because without proper treatment this disease grows every day without having back to back. Eye, which can be related to diabetes and can usually occur in pregnant women.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The dental surgery generally is performed by surgical procedures from children to adults with minimally invasive, outpatient operations and good pain control due to new technologies. In some types of surgery we can mention some as treatment of infections, tooth extraction, trauma. Therefore, the maxillofacial surgery specializes in affected areas as jaws, skull, head, neck, oral cavity and teeth.


For his part, implantologist is the specialist in charge of replacing missing teeth or are about to move to that state. The aim is to solve problems that range from patient to functional aesthetic in the correct use of their teeth. To achieve place these new teeth, usually osseointegrated implants are used, which are adapted in a good way in the patient, achieving a better bite and good aesthetic results.

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