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7 Habits that damage your heart

Although we know that salt is bad for our health because it produces hypertension, we continue consuming. We must cut their consumption as well as prefabricated meals and opt for natural options.

The human body is a perfect machine where each piece is essential. The heart is perhaps the basic body failing, can bring worse consequences, hence the need not to neglect, to address their health at all times. Do you know what habits are those that most commonly damaged almost without us noticing? We explain.

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How I can be hurting my heart?

 The heart is the main organ responsible for pumping blood and the rest to boost nutrients to our body transported. There are many factors that determine good health, elements that sometimes pass unnoticed and even neglect. The nerves that accelerate their movements, foods that sick or clogging your arteries to pump as it should … We must pay attention, because sometimes heart attacks come silently and without warning. Do we then note? 

1. The salt in our meals

Surely, you suspected you were going to say. In addition, the curious thing is that, even though the entire population knows and knows the harmful effects that salt has on our body, the still consuming. Why? Because salt gives flavor to our meals, because it makes them tastier, but long term, this pleasure we ended up paying. The salt causes us Hypertension raises our stress and gradually, this fact becomes a time bomb facing our heart any day, say “enough”. Is it worthwhile? Of course not!

2. The risk of stress and anxiety

Stress attacks both men than women, although the incidence is different. It is often said that stress in men usually have more short – term negative effects .In women , meanwhile, studies tell us that we ourselves who most suffer in our day to day, but however, we face it better. However, that does not mean that also produces its effects on us. In fact there is a heart disease that is appearing in greater degree in women due to states of anxiety and stress. It is called “broken heart syndrome”. Therefore, you know, it is essential that we learn to manage our emotions a little better.

3. Lack of exercise and obesity

It is, according to experts, the evil of the century. A sedentary lifestyle, with incorrect and diet high in saturated fats, flours, sweets, industrial, food … all drift slowly in serious cardiovascular problems due to obesity, hypertension, and a sick body that has been being damaged yourself slowly. Moreover, we must take this into account: the data tell us are increasingly children who are suffering from this reality. Children no longer go out to play in the street, who prefer to play with your game console or computer, leading a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise. .. We must avoid these bad habits for the sake of our health.

4. Eat

A phenomenon that has recently begun to be studied. An example: we got home tired from work and away from work a little and prepare one healthy, dinner varied and balanced; we look for something to nibble with what satiate instantly our hunger and our anxiety. A snack, pizza, soda, something sweet…. this is not nutrition. It is eat to satisfy our nerves, or simply to end earlier. In addition, the so – called industrial food makes life easy thanks to its pre – cooked dishes, those that only need to be microwaved. In addition, there is nothing more damaging. Remember, eating is feed, give our body what it needs and that is good for you.

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5. What about our cholesterol?

Who speaks of cholesterol, also he speaks of hypertension. They are all those silent diseases that often neglect for not going to the doctor, not spend our regular checkups. We must be careful, cholesterol results in one of the greatest risks to our heart. It accumulates in our veins and arteries to be an excess in the body, away from expel you accumulate in dangerous places like those pathways along which our blood. The veins are resected, there is hardly room for movement and then shown infernos. No feared neglect your routine doctor views!

6. Do you sleep enough?

The essential thing is to rest between 7 or 8 hours a day. However, we know, sometimes we were watching TV, computer or are hours even talking through your mobile phone or our cell. Remember that such devices are very harmful; its waves alter our break and cause insomnia. In addition, people need to rest for our body to carry out some essential, such as nonintoxicating the lymphatic system, the biological functions liver. .. Not sleep leads to a hormonal imbalance that directly affects our heart.

7. Are you still smoking?

If this is your case what do you expect to leave? May not know it, but fume accelerates our pulse, it causes irregularities in the rhythm of the heart causing quite severe heart disease. Do not hesitate, quitting smoking is the best gift you can make, and you regulars more years of life and best quality in your everyday life.

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