Start running from scratch

Have you decided to get to play sports and you want to start running from scratch? I recommend that you follow this series of tips to get it. Your main enemies are discouraged injuries and overexertion. Let’s see how you can enter the great family of runners, exercise regularly and have a healthier life.

Many starts shortly follow

Many people who decide to go to the sport, and running is one of the principle activities more easily to practice (as well as economic), so often the chosen sport most of the time. Simply have a look at the park to note that many brokers are there for the first or second time. The problem is that a lot of those beginners leave after a few tries. Lose motivation, do not see results, it seems too hard or boring, so you need to read this article.

Start running
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Check your medical situation

Before putting any sport, it never hurts to remember that you should ask your doctor if you can do this kind of exercise, and until intensity. Perhaps many people seem useless advice, but it is actually quite common to have an injury, illness or any situation that is not very compatible with running. For example, in some situations overweight, it is advisable to do other activities to lose a little weight before running, because if it is not possible that your knees are subject to too much effort and suffer damage.

Think of medium and long term

With sports, there are no miracles. For going to run each day during the week you will not get a state of great shape. Remember that your goal has to be the medium and long term, and your progress will be progressive. If you expect to improve very fast, you’re going to discourage. Therefore, you agree that things will take the time to be felt.


In line with the preceding paragraph is the idea that when you start running from scratch, you will have a curve progression slow at first. But you’ll make progress. The idea is to take physical condition gradually and not force. The first time out running does not expect to endure an hour or even half an hour. You can probably take a while but after a while you’ll notice that you cannot more, and it will be time to stop.

Grab a reference to what you could do on the first day, from now on will be your reference to progress. The next time you need not want to beat that. To do the same it is fine. You may even do less. Not all days are the same and sometimes just did not feel as fit. The important thing is that you’re taking regularly gradually fitness, and one day notice that put up with a little more. One day you will have a new reference (distance or time) and so on, very slowly, until you run a much more natural to you activity.

Run at your own pace

One of the hardest things in the beginning when you start to run is to find your rhythm. Probably you pass as many novice runners: if you go at a slow speed does not have the feeling of exercise, and if you upload the intensity you burn a few minutes. We return to the idea of progressiveness in the effort. At first, you have to accept that go slow, because if you go at an easy pace you can run longer. And gradually, when you go picking fitness course will run a little faster.

Have good shoes

Running is cheap, but not means it is totally free. If you’re starting to run from zero you have to have good shoes. You need not buy a very expensive sports brands, but you do need to buy running shoes. If you run with other footwear not going to be comfortable, and that will diminish your performance and your motivation, not make up.

Hand water

The hydration is important in all sports, but especially when you’re running for different reasons. On the one hand, and run in the open, and although you avoid the hours of very hot, and that increases your need for hydration. On the other hand, as you’re out if you have water you can be more difficult to access it, although in many parks there are sources. Remember to hydrate before, during and after exercise to avoid bad experiences.

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Absolute comfort

Maybe talk about these things, because you will notice the first time you go running, but if you want comfort to have to go very light. Anything you have in your pocket becomes a nuisance when you run because they do not stop moving until you can hurt. Search the most convenient way for you. Perhaps it is to carry a small backpack close to the body, perhaps one of those systems have to tie your mobile arm. It is not as essential. You can also leave everything unnecessary at home and just go with your keys, identification and a bottle of water.

Heating and stretching

Before you start running, you should do a little warm, and maybe some stretching, and after running is essential to do stretching, because if you do not have very annoying shoelaces in the next few days, and that does not motivate you to continue training.

Never force

Our bodies have alarm systems to warn us when something goes wrong. Pain is a warning, lightheaded is another? When you receive any alarm about the state of your body, you have to be sensible and stop. It is better to abandon a workout by dubious sensations to risk suffering a serious setback for having failed to stop.

How do you stay motivated?

Here are some tips to not get discouraged after you start running.

  • Ponte music: The vast majority of people I know who are regularly listening to music. I often say that if they do not discourage, because without music running is boring. You can also listen to a podcast or whatever you prefer. The important thing is to realize that if you run without sound, your chances to keep running down.
  • Change the route: If you’re always running in the park, in the same direction, you’ll be bored very soon. You have to change of scenery, to discover new views and get an attractive addition to your sports In addition, you may well know your city better.
  • Track your results: When you play sports, you are looking for self-improvement. I commented that will be very progressive, but then when time has passed and throw look back, you’ll realize you’ve improved. The best thing for that is to use your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone to save your results. It can be as simple as indicating the date, distance, and time.

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