Exercises for cellulite to be done at home

Bending, abdominals, golf swing: here are all the exercises to do at home to combat cellulite, the imperfection of the skin that haunts all of us. With a focused and constant training, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle you can defeat it! Find out how together with us.

If your silhouette is threatened by cellulite, you will have to fight it by combining proper nutrition, some massage and a tailor-made fitness program. The exercises to do at home that we recommend are really miraculous against cellulite! You just need to be constant. But what is cellulite and how does it develop? One of its causes is the alteration of the micro circulation due to several factors: prolonged standing, dysfunction of the endocrine system, weight gain, pregnancy, contraceptive pill, wrong diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle.

The blood vessels lose elasticity and dilate. Through the exhausted vessels the aqueous part of the blood escapes and collects in the intercellular spaces, between the fat cells, which are so crammed, going to further compromise the microcirculation. The adipocytes compressed and isolated from the capillaries are unable to obtain oxygen (transported by the capillaries) and transfer the waste substances to the blood. As a consequence the subcutaneous environment becomes oxygen-poor, impregnated with liquids and waste substances. Furthermore, fat cells tend to group together, forming agglomerates. The legs appear swollen, painful to the touch and studded with unsightly orange peel skin and mattress.

Let’s see now how to fight cellulite by exercising at home!

Exercises for cellulite
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Exercises for cellulite to be done at home: Heating

In a program aimed at improving cellulite, care should be taken not to accumulate excessive lactic acid and make sure to favor venous return by urging the plantar pump or working on the ground with the legs up (thus exploiting the influence of gravity).

It is more important than ever to respect the phases of work and then start with warming, continue with the actual training and finish with the cool down that will serve to metabolize any excess lactic acid.

The proposed training should be practiced at least 3 times a week paying attention to combining healthy eating. Start immediately with healthy stretching …

Push-ups: Cellulite exercises to do at home that work

After warming up, continue with push-ups. On the ground, start with push-ups, or the bends on the arms.

To make the exercise a little more intense, after doing a normal bend, while you get up, move one hand forward and do a second bend, then move it back and make a third bend, bring it back to the center and make a fourth bend . Resume then by moving the other arm.

Try to do 8 “complete laps”.

Warning: Do not arch your back. To avoid this happening, keep your abs tight.

Exercises for cellulite to be done at home: The Golf swing

Start from the squat position, that is a deep bend on the legs with the feet apart, the knees must remain in line with the tip of the foot (without falling forward, either internally or externally), then, pulling a leg off the ground, kick to the other leg, crossing it. Help yourself by coordinating your arms to get more balance.

Then return to the starting position and repeat for 10 times always with the same leg, then move on to the other.

Abdominals: Very useful exercises against cellulite at home

Back to the ground, arms wide, shoulder height, legs raised from the ground with knees bent to form a 90° angle. Spreading the knees, contracting the abdominals, raise the pelvis from the floor and try to maintain the position for 1 second, then return to the starting position.

Contracting the abs, descend with both knees to the left and portal to the shoulder, hold the position for a second and then return to the center.

Alternate center – left – center – right for 10 times.

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