Crossfit: What it is? How it works?

Crossfit provides a perfect physical fitness through a challenging and rather tough training that strengthens the entire body.

Crossfit: The origins

Crossfit was born in the United States in the 1970s, and its creator is called Greg Glassman. It begins to develop around the 90’s, precisely in 1995 when California’s first crossfit gym was founded.

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Crossfit: What it is?

Crossfit, as the word suggests, is derived from the “cross” meaning crossing.

Combines different movements, performed at high intensity and functional to tone the entire muscle.

It takes just a few months to get great results, such as fat mass reduction and muscle mass increase, but the goal of crossfit is not that.

The basic principle is that more force is released during exercise, the greater the benefits that will be gained.

The goal of crossfit is therefore not to increase muscle mass but to achieve a well-balanced physical form, that is, a harmonic and athletic body.

Crossfit: Exercises

Crossfit is a functional training that mimics the natural body movements. The weights or barbells that are often used vary depending on the sex and the muscular strength of those who practice crossfit.

Moreover, one must not forget that what matters is the intensity with which the exercises are performed.

Regarding the exercises there is no precise programming, but are at the discretion of the coach, which can range between lifting weights, running, free body and much more.

Generally, the proposed exercises are as follows:


Standing erect, bring behind your hips and bend your knees. Lower your torso holding your back straight.


Burpees combine squat, push, and jump and require considerable physical effort. It remains one of the most complete exercises as it benefits muscle and aerobic benefits.


It is the most known exercise and perhaps even the most practiced exercise. It is very useful for developing triceps and pectorals.


The classic exercise on the bar that provides for lifting your body while holding your hands firmly on the bar and overcoming the bar height with your head. In practice, the body becomes a weight to lift.

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Crossfit lesson: How it is structured?

The crossfit lesson is structured according to 4 phases.

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The first phase, which lasts about 15 minutes, consists of a series of free body movements to warm and prepare the body.

Since the crossfit is very intense and tiring muscular and articular heating is essential to continue the workout.


It lasts about 30 minutes. After heating, the coach will ask you to perform a number of exercises on which the force that increases power during training will be applied. At this stage, the coach is concerned about explaining the exercise well and making the athlete corrections whenever he needs it.

3) WOD

It is the central stage of training. At this stage, it is essential that the exercise is carried out continuously without interruption. The coach is available for any corrections.


It is a completely dedicated phase for fatigue and muscle stretching. It lasts about 10 minutes.

Crossfit: Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all workouts, crossfitt is able to bring advantages and disadvantages.

Among the benefits

  • It tests the ability of the nervous system to withstand fatigue by developing resistance;
  • Stimulates and develops maximum strength and strength;
  • Develops and assists in coordination, functional hypertrophy;
  • Variations in exercises are not boring and this is particularly stimulating.

Among the disadvantages

  • It does not help the diaphragm as fatigue promotes shortness of breath;
  • May cause accidents;
  • The crossfit does not work on the transverse plane.

Therefore, if you have specific goals like losing weight, or increasing muscle mass, crossfit is not the most appropriate type of workout. If, on the contrary, you want to improve your body’s functionality, such as strength, agility, and speed, the best choice might be to make crossfit.

Crossfit: Clothing

To do crossfitt you have to wear a clothing that does not stop any kind of movement, and even that it is uncomfortable.

The shoes must be comfortable, well cushion and support the body to allow the exercises to be performed.

While the t-shirt, pants or shorts are comfortable, they should also be lightweight and durable.

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