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The challenge of men everyday shaving

Vast majority of men must shave daily or at least 3 times a week. For some, remove unwanted hair involves supporting irritation, burning and itching that is generated aftershave, which can be quite tedious.

These manifestations of the skin caused by deterioration that causes the blade in the hydrolipidic film of your skin. This deterioration and facial cuts back the skin vulnerable to microbial infections such as folliculitis.

Folliculitis occurs when hairs, whose root is in the dermis, fester causing inflammation and pain. The use of antibiotics may be necessary if you are not careful.

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To avoid such discomfort in your skin and keep it soft, I suggest appropriate products to use before and after shaving. These solutions are specially designed for men’s skin. The use of gel or shaving cream softens the hair facilitating the passage of the blade. Moreover, the use of moisturizing lotion or aftershave helps disinfect the skin. In addition, the hydrate, regenerate and strengthen, making it smooth and without redness.

How should I Shave?

First you must moisten the skin and preferably apply a special cream or gel. This softens the hair, which is why the process is much more pleasant than dry or without shaving gel. Second, you must slide the blade and this is key to do so in the same direction as hair growth. This decreases the likelihood of irritation and cut off.

For some hairs may need to rotate the blade in the opposite direction or diagonally to achieve more precision, you must be careful. With practice these movements are more natural and do not generate discomfort. Finally, you should rinse your skin with cold water or warm. Do not forget toapply lotion after shave and moisturizer for your skin recover from damage caused by the blade.

Blades what can I use?

In the market you can find available a variety of disposable blades for shaving. Some are better quality than others although they may have a higher price. Overall, I suggest you choose a blade according to your budget. However, if the price difference is not significant, you can choose a blade that allows more applications before rust or having lubricating strip with aloe vera to prevent irritation.

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Note that no matter what choose blade, remains a blade, which is irritating to your skin. For this reason, the supplement with appropriate products is vital. Do not forget to change your razor frequently to prevent rust buildup and bacteria that can cause infections in your face.

Other alternatives

Currently there are solutions for men whose skin definitely does not support the blade. Waxing and laser hair removal are some of them.

Usually male skin is not sensitive. If you feel discomfort, irritation or redness on your skin notes you may need to change the blade or use a product suitable for shaving. However, if your skin is sensitive, I suggest reviewing other alternatives to reduce the use of the blade or to control sensitivity.

Some men maintain an aesthetic and hygienically nice beard, which allows them to look manly while avoiding the tedious process of shaving the entire face daily. This is a good alternative if you have little time or if you are very prone to irritation.

In addition shaven care, it is necessary to moisturize your skin with creams for men and also protect yourself with sunscreen, especially when you make outdoor activities like sports. In these cases, SPF 50 sunscreen appropriate. For more health tips click here.

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