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Quitting smoking: 3 simple remedies to start the day and combat withdrawal

Did you know that vitamin C can become your greatest ally to overcome withdrawal symptoms when you want to quit? With a little willpower, you get.

One of the biggest problems that people who want to quit smoking is face to start the day without having to resort to that needed cigarette.

Our body, especially the brain, is so accustomed to the presence of nicotine, perceived as a deficit of this toxic element, it reacts with a number of symptoms that define what is known as withdrawal.

We must be clear that, when quitting smoking, not all of them serve the same strategies. It is, therefore, necessary to find those techniques that best suit your features.

However, it is worth knowing some simple tips which face one of the worst everyday moments when one wishes to quit the snuff: the morning.

Quitting smoking
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Morning abstinence syndrome

It is a fact widely known that regular smoker has its own key moments when you want (or need) to light a cigar:

  • Nothing else up.
  • In social gatherings.
  • After meals.
  • While one is making coffee.
  • In work breaks.

Among all of them, which usually cost more when you want to quit smoking is the first, and the reason is due to the following:

  • After a night of sleep and rest, the level of nicotine in the blood has decreased. When we woke up, the brain reacts feels that deficit and “encouraging” to ministrations him that “drug” to which it has become accustomed.
  • The neurons need that element, that although harmful, no longer a stimulant that had integrated into their daily work routine.
  • In the absence of nicotine, it begins a series of metabolic and physical changes which make up the shortfall and also encourage us to relight a cigarette.
  • Most commonly, when a smoker is light one-or several-cigarettes just open your eyes and even before breakfast. Something that certainly is very bad for our health.
  • Once we get the purpose of quitting, we must be aware that the worst will be the first 3 days. Instants when our brain is going to claim that morning dose of nicotine.

The first wall will have to face in our “endurance test” to quit will overcome withdrawal syndrome morning. We offer three remedies.

Quitting: 3 remedies to start the day

Remedy 1: Medicinal water

This natural, detoxifying and antioxidant-rich drink will allow us, on one hand, remove some of those toxins that are stored in our blood and give us a high level of vitamin C.


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 orange
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 teaspoon ginger powder (5 g)
  • 1 teaspoon ginseng (5g)
  • 15 grapes
  • 1 liter of water
  • 3 ice cubes


The intense flavor favored by lemon and ginger are well suited to combat withdrawal symptoms. So, do not hesitate especially to find the best ingredients and always organic farming.

  • The first thing to prepare this medicinal water will get the juice from the orange and lemon. Reserve the lemon rind. Then wash the carrots, cut into pieces and process in the blender.
  • Get a homogenous mixture with orange juice and lemon, liquefied carrot, ginseng powder, ginger, and grapes. Finally, add the liter of water, including peelings lemon and ice cubes.
  • Drinks no more get up.

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Remedy 2: Debug your lungs


  • 1 onion
  • ½ liter water
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric (5 g)
  • 1 piece of ginger root (5 g)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)


  • Boil a liter of water. Once you have come to the boil, add the clean and cut onion into 4 parts. Add the ginger, turmeric powder and two tablespoons of honey.
  • Then it allows the decoction is made over 35 or 40 minutes over medium heat. The purpose is to get a drink slightly thick, syrupy.
  • After that, let the mixture sit for another half hour later, strain the content and stay with medicinal water. Drink two tablespoons each morning.

Remedy 3: Infusion of licorices root


  • 1 tablespoon licorice root (10 g) (found in health food stores)
  • 1 cup water (200 ml)
  • 1 tablespoon honey (25g)


  • Licorice root is antibacterial, emollient, expectorant and anti-inflammatory, ideal for combating the effects of withdrawal.
  • To do this, you only have to heat that glass of water and infuse licorice root for 20 minutes.
  • Let stand and sweetened with honey.

It is a very effective and delicious smoking cessation remedy. We invite you to try it.

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