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What is Creatine?

You know what is creatine?, We find is an organic acid that occurs naturally in the human body from amino acids, mainly in the liver and kidney, and transported via the blood to be used by muscles. Approximately 95% of total creatine in the body is skeletal muscle. Glycine and L-methionine is produced in the human body from L-arginine.

HealthKeep in mind that creatine occurs not only that you can also get some food and supplements, which are capable of powering. Therefore it is mainly used by athletes to improve athletic performance.

Creatine is used to treat the following conditions:

Sports Performance

We must take into account many factors that appear to influence the effectiveness of creatine, as the age of the person using it, type of sport, and dose, but there seems to increase endurance or improve performance in athletes highly trained.


Creatine may be able to delay the worsening of some symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Syndromes caused by problems metabolizing creatine

  • Problems That metabolize causing low levels of creatine is in the brain, which results in mental retardation, seizures, movement disorders and autism.
  • Taken daily by mouth for up to three years increases the levels of creatine in the brain and improves movement disorders and seizures, but has little effect on mental capacity of children and young adults with deficiency syndrome called creatine GAMT deficiency.
  • However, Have to assess that taking creatine to eight years seems to improve attention, language, and academic performance in children with creatine deficiency syndrome called arginine deficiency: amidinotransferase glycine.
  • In Children with creatine transporter deficiency, taking creatine does not improve brain creatine levels, movement disorders, or mental abilities in children.

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