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Physical hunger or anxiety? 5 Keys to differentiate

Do you have the feeling that always hungry and do not know how to stop eating? Maybe your problem is not just hunger but that emptiness you feel in the middle of your stomach does not come from your stomach but your head. To begin addressing this problem, which often leads to eating more food (and create more flab), the first thing we have to do is detect. If you tell yourself I have hunger, hardly you will resist going to the kitchen to find how to feed, but if you know differentiate and you say to yourself, I have anxiety or emotional hunger, can you think twice, because your body does not need anything. In this case, seeking help is your mind. You want to learn to differentiate? Ask yourself the following questions…

Physical hunger or anxiety
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Does the hunger has suddenly appeared?

Surely, you’ve ever experienced this situation: are quietly studying, or bored on the couch or get home after a busy day of work and suddenly A huge hunger comes on suddenly! Where did this come from, if 5 minutes ago was fine? This is a clear indication that you do not have physical hunger. Physical hunger, unlike the emotional appears progressively and gradually increases. The opposite is nothing but boredom, stress or reward seeking, among other of the many things that can cause you this feeling.

Can you eat anything?

Hungry, or so I think, in fact you’re starving, and have a great apple in front of you but instead you jump for it, how it should be normal in your state, know that only cease to be hungry if you eat that piece of chocolate, or that donut, or that cheese … There you have it ! Another sure sign that your stomach is more than served. Physical hunger can be covered with any food but if you only can think of that, particular that has got into your head, you have real hunger, in this case it is emotional.

Can you hold or have to be right now?

When hunger is emotional, waiting to eat the delicacy becomes almost unbearable, the desire to zamparte that you have between the eyes do not stop rising, every time you think more about it, and what milk !, now instead of 1 cookie Maybe I’ll eat 6. On the contrary, unless you take many hours without eating, physical hunger can wait. It does not come 5 minutes, and time we will peacefully.

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Are you still eating but you’re full?

Make no mistake; the food is the most widely used anti – anxiety in our society. It gives us pleasure, gives us joy, it takes away the stress and that makes us eat more than necessary and faster. If when you start eating, you keep eating even if you’re full. This is a sure sign that your hunger is probably not real. On the contrary, if we stop being satisfied, surely we were responding to a sense of physical hunger.

Do you feel guilty at the end?

If your answer is yes, the usual (with some exceptions for specific diseases or a bad relationship with food) is that you are not covering a physical hunger, but have eaten for emotional hunger. In responding to the real needs of your body, it will normally be satisfied, guilt on the other hand usually indicates that you have eaten without hunger, not the most appropriate and in greater quantity than necessary. The proliferation of substandard medications has had tragic consequences. Fraudulent medicaments waste consumer income and reduce the incentive to engage in research. The reality is that tens of thousands of patients die each year because of fraudulent medicament. Read Post Meanwhile, dozen of people in our country will continue to buy drugs and herbs from such online drugstores because they do not involve the issuing of a prescription.

Find the solution to this emotional hunger is possible, either on your own or with the help of a dietitian or psychologist or coach, but detect is certainly the first step. If you start to be aware of when that hunger is real or not is when you can start looking for the solution.

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