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What are Stem Cells and How Can They Help?

Stem cells can be considered the repair technicians within the body. These super important cells have been found to provide much-needed help for a wide variety of medical conditions. In fact, researchers believe one day stem cells will be able to help people with serious conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, special cord injuries, arthritis and more.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are amazing cells that exist within our bodies as unspecialized cells. This means they can actually transform themselves into a variety of specialized cells like muscle, blood or brain cells if existing cells are lost or damaged. Stem cells also have the ability to divide themselves over and over again and to renew themselves over time.

How are stem cells used?

Stems cells are used in research because they give scientists a window into how our bodies work and develop. Stem cells are key to us understanding the biology of living organisms. Stem cells are also frequently used in bone marrow transplants and other therapies and treatments. There are a wide variety of therapies available from stem cell treatment Jacksonville FL, to treatments for blood and immune system disorders.

What should I know about stem cells?

Probably the most important thing to know any time you are investigating a new medical procedure or treatment is that you should stay in close contact with your physician. Don’t make big medical decisions without the help of your trusted medical professional.

Stories about the power of stem cells are common in the news, and you’ll continue to hear about the hope they offer for the future of medicine and disease treatments. Researchers continue to investigate these little cells and the huge opportunities they hold for drugs and interventions. It will be exciting to see just how much these powerhouse cells and do for the human race.

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