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Diet Express: retrieve your figure in record time after the holidays

After a few days without stopping to eat, usually, always REACH US rush to regain our figure freeing the excesses that we have committed. And it is that if we won a kilo during the holidays or vacations, it is best to get rid of him as soon as possible with an emergency plan. If you find yourselves in this situation, do not give him more laps, the Express diet is a great choice!

Every time I take a few extra pounds we ask the same question, is there a way to lose weight quickly in a healthy way? The fact is that whenever we are about to start a diet, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist if It is appropriate or not for us. However, one of the advantages of the Express diet is that it is too restrictive with food, so avoiding the fact of suffering deprivation and fatigue. We explain the three phases in this diet is divided fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Phase 1: All proteins and vegetables

To begin with the Express diet, the first thing you have to do is a radical way reduces energy input. To do this, you must select amazing food for the body and cause weight loss of 2 or 3 kilos without losing muscle mass. On the other hand, you need to limit consumption of carbohydrates to force the body to pull its reserves and capitalize on lean proteins, as quench and nourish muscle mass.


Recommended foods during the first phase are vegetables, water, fish, seafood, shellfish, soy, beef, beef steak but no! skinless poultry, eggs without fat, light ham, vegetables and dairy 0%. And best of all is that we consume in the quantities you want.

Proposed menu for the first phase of the diet Express:

  • Breakfast: 1 unsweetened drink, 1 dairy product, 1 lean protein food.
  • Lunch and dinner: vegetables or protein foods, lean meat (150g) or fish (200 g), vegetables at will.

Duration: one week maximum.

Phase 2: Introduction to progressive carbohydrates

The purpose of this phase is to consolidate the weight loss and prolong it. After a very restrictive phase, it is important to reduce speed to avoid fatigue the body and do not force resistant deprivation. At this stage, it is convenient to go progressively introducing carbohydrates. This way, you get slightly increase energy intake to prevent extreme insulin secretion, storage hormone.

Recommended foods for the second phase are proteins lean and vegetables (these in the amount you want), 2 fruits and 2 slices of bread.

Menu proposal for the second phase of the express diet:

  • Breakfast: 1 unsweetened drink, 1 protein food, dairy product 1 1-2 slices of whole bread and butter 10g light.
  • Lunch and dinner: vegetables or protein foods, lean meat (minimum 150 g) or fish (200g minimum), vegetables and 1 fruit at will.

Length: to the desired weight.

If you want some ideas of how to combine vegetables, here you are a few recipes for salads but, yes, avoid include items such as cheese or sauces while you’re on a diet.

Phase 3: Recovery of nutritional balance

At this stage, the aim is to maintain the desired weight. To achieve this we must not go back for anything in the world to the bad habits of the past, but we have to keep intact willpower and adopt a new, more balanced and healthy food routine.

Recommended foods for the third phase they are: proteins and vegetables will lean, 100 g cooked starch, 2 or 3 and 2 or 3 fruit bread slice. Forget the pixel porn games, meet the super animation that will immerse you in a world of porn and debauchery.

Menu proposal for the third phase of the express diet:

  • Breakfast: 1 unsweetened drink, 1 protein food, dairy product 1, 2 or 3 slices of whole bread and butter 10g light.
  • Food: veggies or protein foods, lean meat (minimum 150 g) or fish (200g minimum), complete starch (100 g cooked) and 1 fruit.
  • Dinner: vegetables, lean meat (100g minimum) or fish (minimum 150 g), vegetables and 1 fruit at will.

Duration: the idea is that this phase is prolonged in time for life, and acquired the habit of eating well and healthily.

In case, you notice that back to regain some weight in an exaggerated manner, you must return to retake the first phase. Moreover, in the latter step, it would be recommended you to realize some kind of physical activity.

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