Men’s tattoos: sketches, meaning and photos of brutal tattoos

Men’s tattoos– A bright and original way of self-expression for members of the stronger sex are male tattoos. Strong courageous guys who constantly work on the beauty of their body, with pleasure demonstrate to the surrounding exciting drawings. These sketches of male tattoos sometimes become more eloquent than all identity cards.

Men’s tattoos: A bit of historyMen's tattoos

Since time immemorial, people have tried to communicate with each other with the help of certain signs. This method was the most convenient and eloquent. He practically excluded the need for a long explanation of the way of life of a person, his place in society and the properties of the character. First of all, this applied to primitive tribes who fought for their territory and defended the interests of their families. The aspiration of mankind to develop new lands exposed to the problem of interaction between representatives of different continents. Stitches silently demonstrated the features of a person, being his original business card. Male tattoos were especially important since the representative of the stronger sex of all time was a warrior and a food-earner. Read more: Men’s wrist tattoo: Top 5 best ideas for sketching

In addition to the information function, men’s tattoos eventually began to perform aesthetic tasks, introducing an element of uniqueness and originality into the image of the owner. In previous centuries, the tattoo was picked up by those who served in the army and who served the term of punishment. The latter made their adjustments to the art of tattooing, forming a new list of values for the tattoo. Today’s men’s tattoos have combined the tasks of all ages, being both an original decoration and a means of expressing a deep idea that allows describing the owner. Read more: Easy healthy lifestyle! 36 Simple Tips for Every Day

The most suitable placesMen's tattoos

Representatives of the stronger sex for the tattoo are given complete freedom of action. A beautiful sketch on any part of the body will emphasize its dignity or fix defects. After reviewing the photo of the tattoo on the site, you can come to the conclusion that there are no rules for choosing a suitable place on the male body, it all depends on the owner’s taste and the goals pursued by him.


Tattoos for guys who prefer to attract the maximum attention of others, usually placed in the most visible areas. Such places include the head, neck, and hands. Filling this sketch, the creative representatives of the stronger sex consciously condemn themselves to the gaze of people and the impossibility of disguising the pattern under the clothes. Such a man can be called independent of the surrounding opinion. His goals and aspirations cannot be changed: he decided everything for himself until the end of his life, this concerns personal relationships and career.

Sports achievements

Many athletes fill themselves with tattoos on body parts associated with a certain sport. This especially applies to summer destinations, which gives the athlete the opportunity to put the desired area of skin on public display. It can be legs, hands, chest, back, etc. Representatives of winter sports or just want to demonstrate the beauty of their body, can assess the situation and choose the most suitable area of the skin. Here you can start from plans for visiting the beach, gym, stage.


Tattoo lovers who occupy certain positions or are related to activities that do not provide for the presence of native drawings can place the tattoo on a hidden place. These areas include back, stomach, legs and other places that are successfully masked by clothing. Preferring to stuff a man’s tattoo on his hands should think about the summer period, when clothes with a long sleeve can be unbearable or inappropriate for a relaxed, albeit business environment.

Anatomical features

Men who have decided to get a tattoo, it is necessary to remember the peculiarities of its application to this or that part of the body. To do this, it is recommended to use the advice of a master of tattoo in the salon or to independently learn about the on-look risks on the Internet. The most sensitive areas are those places where the skin comes in contact with the bones (without the fat layer). In this case, we mean the head, hands, elbows, knees, ankles. In the process of life, the figure of a man can change, this refers to the addition of weight or a sudden loss of it. In the first case, the drawing will stretch and it will look comical, in the second – the sagging male skin the deformation of the sketch also does not add beauty. This should be remembered by stuffing the tattoo on the abdomen, thighs, neck, face.

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