The theory of everything

Many say that had he not been struck with the motor neurone disease ALS, Stephen Hawking would have solved the meaning of life and the mystery of the Universe. Whilst he may have found that a bit fanciful, he certainly achieved huge amounts in his life despite being confined to a wheelchair for most of it and being reduced to using a communication device that was controlled by his cheek muscle. He needed constant care, and it’s where a Care Jobs Stroud based company can be used to provide help.

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His early life story and accomplishments, plus the development of his illness and condition, were covered in the film the Theory of Everything. This starred Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his first wife, Jane Hawking. It documents his time of going to Oxford and falling in love with Jane. It highlights his marriage to her and how his condition affects him personally, his work and those around him.

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It is a sympathetic portrayal not only of the decline of Stephen but also of the pressure that Jane feels to care for him and their children. It is as much a study of how Hawking comes to create his theories of Black holes and their relationship with time and creation as it is about how ALS can devastate the lives of the sufferer and those around them.

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