Considerations When Choosing Meal Prep Containers

Food prep containers are used daily in the kitchen. They leave your kitchen organized and streamlined. So, buying the correct container is a great way to start! Consider your needs first and the safety of the container before getting new pieces.

Type of Material

You can choose a plastic, steel, or glass container. Each type has its pros and cons. The advantages of plastic containers are; that they come in many shapes and sizes, are kid-friendly, less expensive than steel, and they are light in weight. Steel meal containers are dishwasher safe, eco-friendly, and great for snacks and cold foods like ice cream.

The Correct Size

The container size is crucial, although the choice will depend on the size of the family. Size also depends on how you want to plan your portion. Do you intend to pack individual servings or store food in large quantities?

Freezer Safe

Food safety is vital. If you plan to freeze meals, ensure the containers seal properly to prevent bacteria growth. The lids should also be leak-proof. In addition, check if the containers have reheating potential. It is convenient to freeze food and use the same container to reheat it in a microwave.

Suitable Layout

If you wish to segregate foods into a container, go for partitioned containers. With such a container, you can store vegetables and meat in one container but separately. However, partitioned containers may need a bigger space.


Consider the life span of the container. Cheap glass or plastic food prep containers break down faster and absorb odors. Although single-use cheap containers can be enticing, investing in high-quality material will save you money in the long run.

Meal prep has many benefits, so don’t feel overwhelmed when shopping for containers. The correct meal prep containers make kitchen work easier. Shopping for meal containers is not as difficult as it seems. Consider the container’s durability, size, material, layout, and freezer/ microwave-friendly and that’s it.

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