3 Commons Signs of a Drug Problem

Substance abuse impacts many people within the United States. People find something they like, such as alcohol, nicotine or illegal drugs. They may use the pills to ease pain or to socialize with others. After a while, this habit may take over, impacting daily choices and behavior. Know how to spot trouble early. The following are three common signs of drug addiction.

1. You Observe Sudden Physical and Mental Changes

Addiction alters behavior and emotions. People who once had tons of energy often stop performing their typical activities, losing steam or motivation. They seem exhausted most of the time and experience weight fluctuation. Extreme loss or weight gain may occur, and eyes often become red.

In addition, an addict may care very little about appearance. Therefore, you may witness disheveled clothing and unkempt hair. The wardrobe and grooming take a back seat to the next fix.

2. You Get Unusual Requests for Money

When people crave drugs, they need funds to maintain a stable supply. Financially savvy people can fall victim to debt when they allow addiction to overcome their lives. Is your friend suddenly asking for loans? Are you noticing things disappear from work or home? Addicts may turn to steal to provide a steady stream of income. If you see this behavior, encourage your friend to seek out recovery programs for drug addiction Austin for support.

3. You Hear Stories About Problems at Work or School

Drugs interfere with daily performance and attitude. A once-solid worker or student may become troublesome, refusing to complete activities or following through on tasks. In general, work suffers, showing inattention to detail and carelessness. Get Online Payday Loans .

If you suspect someone you care about suffers from drug addiction, try to get help. Work with professionals to reach out and provide support and appropriate aid. Don’t wait. Seek assistance as soon as possible.

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