The Differences Between Homegrown and Outsourced Hash Flowers

Basic Explanation of Hash Flowers

A hashish flower is one that has been taken off of a branch of a marijuana plant. So, right off the bat, you can see that there’s no difference between homegrown and outsourced hash flowers. What a plant flower looks like will depend on what kind you’re smoking it with.

For instance, if you take a garden variety pot plant flower and mix it with some water, it’ll turn into marijuana tea. If you train the plants to grow tall and stretch them out and use those flowers on a pipe or in a joint, they will look different than if you dried them out into ‘honey’ or ‘chocolate chip’ rocks.

Hashflowers are also a key component in making THC concentrates California brands.

The Main Differences Between Homegrown and Outsourced Hash Flowers

A homegrown hash flower was created in the country it was intended for consumption. An outsourced hash flower is grown overseas, a long way away from the market that it is intended for. These are just two of many differences between homegrown and outsourced products. When you purchase that “homegrown” product, you know everything was done to create the best product possible. You can actually be proud of what you bought because of its source.

There are a few key differences between cannabis flowers grown on a legal homegrown versus those that are outsourced and grown in mass quantities. These distinctions are based on the origin of the cannabis, how it was grown (soil, indoor/outdoor, cutting grown vs. seedling grown, hydroponic vs. soil……), and how it was cured. As more states legalize recreational use, you, as the consumer, will have more options to choose from.


There are two main ways to make dried flowers for hashish. The first is to grow your own (homegrown) and the second is to acquire some plants from a nearby grower who has already done all the hard work (outsourced). Whichever method you use to acquire your hash flowers, always look out for quality.

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