What is associated with an ordinary date? Romantic place, delicious candlelight dinner, flowers, sweets, etc. And you and your lady are not tired? Maybe you should change the format a bit? Especially for the March holidays, offers 5 ideas for the best active dating, on which you will not have time to get bored.

Active dating: Getting on skisActive dating

Romantic place in this city there. Extreme downhill skiing or snowboarding, digging each other out from under the snow, mulled wine in Chalet and delicious sandwiches in Marrone Rosso. You can retire and hold hands in a funicular, looking at the mountains. The cost of one subscription at the weekend: 7000 tenges. The only negative: it is not recommended to go far apart from each other. Too many athletes who want to teach your companion the “right” to stand on the board. Read more: Abdominal swelling. Eliminate them by eating

Active dating


The season does not yet mean to throw off your clothes, but if you can not wait, you can go and swim. There are a lot of places in the city: Hawai water park, or A-club, Sun Club, Tau Spa, pools in World Class, Fidelity and Luxor. The choice is wide enough. The average price of a one-time visit is 7000-8000 tenge. Read more: Oolong tea to lose weight in a healthy way

Active dating


Cut the ice on the last days of the season can be on Medeo. Particular romance is different night skiing. After them, you can go to Trader Vic’s and have a hearty supper. But, it is better to come here in advance – on weekends the number of couples and friendly companies wishing. The average price is 1800 tenge per entry (1000 for skate rental). If you are late and Medeo is crowded enough, or if you do not have skates for hire, get down to the ice arena in Luxor and ride in the evening there. What can be more elegant?

Active dating


The most economical and fun version of all is sledding, and skiing with slides. Mass skating passes in the gorge of Almarasan and they stand “nothing”, and after that, it is worth to run into one of the “shashlyk” nearby. You can spend more time in the cultural ethnic-park “Lesnaya Skazka”, ride on balloons-cheesecakes or go by rope amusement. The average price of attractions: 2000 to.


We are not talking about how to jerk the body on the dance floor “Chukotka”, but about real beautiful dances. Bachata, salsa, tango. The most passionate dances and beautiful costumes for them. You can take yourself a personal instructor for 1 hour (average price – 3500 tenge), or join whole groups, for example, in the social school of dancing Havana. Then, in a couple you can flash with your skills, and if you do not learn anything … Well, it’s just an excuse to have fun.

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