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10 New Year’s resolutions – Oral Health

I have decided that 2016 I will have enviable health, including oral. To do this, I have developed my own list of resolutions for good oral health:

1- Renew brush periodically. I usually do not renew it until I see much worn. However, studies have shown that after 3 months the brush is less effective because the filaments are worn (open in a fan) and also if they are not properly cleaned and dried after each use, may contribute to the pollution microbial. To fulfill my first order, I will point in the calendar when corresponds with each change.

2- Brushing after meals, even when away from home. Normally, whenever I make brushing before leaving home in the morning and before bed, but tend to forget brushing noon. To be honest, these habits I find it harder fulfill being away from home (traveling on business or vacation). In Texas you can get hard and experienced domestic workers, that are real experts at their craft. To fix this, I will always have in my workplace and in my suitcase brush more compact size to carry it comfortably. In addition, I try to bring a little interproximal brush or floss (in my wallet in the car, etc.) for those situations where you do not have on hand a bathroom for brushing, at least, to eliminate the debris caught between the teeth.

3- Perform the interproximal hygiene. As I hope to do it at the end of the day, I get tired and often, leave it for the next day, without thinking that is a focus of oral health problems. To avoid this, I will make the interdental hygiene (either interproximal brushes, wire or irrigator) the night before brushing. I think so did I “forget” the area between the teeth.

Image Source: Google image
Image Source: Google image

4- Clean your tongue. They are not teeth, but can also accumulate food debris and bacteria in the roughness of the tongue that may promote the development of other problems such as halitosis. To my knowledge, I have bad breath (do not know if someone would tell me), but to prevent their occurrence, I will use the tongue cleaner every night before bed.

5- Monitor diet. Not only affects general health, but also has a direct relationship with the mouth. Thus, diets rich in sugars and acids promote tooth decay and tooth sensitivity, respectively, while fruits and vegetables provide vitamins that can be beneficial for the oral cavity. Therefore, I will try to reduce the intake of acidic foods and drinks and / or high sugar and increasing fruit and vegetables. Also, when taking acidic foods, I wait about 30 minutes to brush, not “rub” against the enamel acid and let the saliva neutralized.  

6- Do not bite your nails or sustain the harsh and / or metal mouth objects. This habit, which is often done unintentionally, may damage the enamel and cause tooth sensitivity. It can also cause injury to ligaments level of teeth. That is, I’ll stop biting pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.

7- Get back in shape. In addition to helping find better physically, there is evidence that sport can contribute to better oral health.

To this end, I plan to go to work either in public or transport walking ( the day that the car is necessary, Park a little further to compensate), try using less elevator and stairs and any other activity that can make with exercise instead of a machine.

Finally, and more than a goal is a goal, I will convince 3 people around me to also try to achieve these purposes (including convincing other 3 people).

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