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A light fitting does not need to be big and bold to add wow-factor to your interior decor. You can accomplish this using creative ideas with the shape, size, proportion and materials selected to instantly change a room. Here are some useful tips:

Size isn’t everything

A piece need not be large to make a statement, it only has to be beautiful. Proper proportions and colour schemes will help to set it off to its maximum advantage. For example, you do not always need a strip light in the bathroom. Why not try something a little out of the ordinary, such as a retro chandelier that offers elegant curves, unusual styling and is a surprising addition to this space?

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Mix and Match

Consider using lighting fixtures from a variety of different periods and do not be afraid to mix and match styles. No matter if you have a fifties table lamp combined with a contemporary spotlight, as long as they share in common a good design. Each lighting choice should have an integrity of design that stands the test of time. Don’t forget to combine with stand-out Ceiling roses. There are lots of ceiling roses available here

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When it comes to proportion, most designers agree that you have to up-scale, as small fittings or lights can look underwhelming. Playing with scale means upping the size and proportion by choosing a large floor lamp, for example. If you take this route, remove the large ceiling pendant but leave the ceiling rose so the task lighting can take centre stage.


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