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8 recommendations to prevent motorcycle accidents

Growth in the use of motorcycles as means of transport has increased significantly in recent years in our country.

One to drive safely in traffic, special skills and knowledge, a constant and acute concentration required to avoid the risks of an accident and know the different rules governing transit cities.

Marketing Manager for motorcycle brands Pulsar, Discover and Boxer, highlights the benefits of this type of vehicle and recognized in them an efficient solution for urban mobility, but believes that a change is required in the minds of users, through education and training.

Prevent motorcycle accidents
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“The rider of us travel Foundation manual is a tool to sensitize motorcyclists on their rights and duties on the slopes, and behaviors that must follow and take into account on a motorcycle,” he said.

In this sense, the specialist gave some recommendations for any motorcyclist takes them into account when heading out to the roads and country roads to avoid accidents:

1) Choose correctly

Before buying a bike, make sure your driving comfortable, should “be made”. Your feet should reach the ground when sitting on the motorcycle and controls should be simple to operate.

2) Know the mechanics

A motorcycle needs more care than a car, since a failure, so minimal, if no appropriate care can be fatal for the pilot. Therefore, you should check the motorcycle completely before using it and perform maintenance on the dates indicated by the advisers of each brand and licenses workshops.

3) Team of protection

When riding a motorcycle, proper attire is one that protects and is more likely to avoid injury, is the use of approved helmet, face protection, eye and clothing specialist with reinforcements for falls indispensable.

4) Respect of the standards

Another key point is to know the rules and know how to adapt driving to each environment. In urban areas, there are many more vehicles on the road, so it is essential always displayed to other drivers. Instead, highway, high-speed exacerbate the impact of falls and two-wheelers are much more vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. “You have to read the manual and learn the road rules”, reinforces market.

5) Follow the strategy of the five steps

The best riders remain aware of what is happening around them, by implementing a five-step process that allows them to make appropriate judgments, and apply them correctly in different traffic situations, which are: observation, identification, prediction, decision and execution.

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6) Be in state of alert

This will allow you to make fundamental decisions and carry them out accurately. The rider must always be aware that he depends on not being the cause or unsuspecting participant of any accident, identifying and separating different hazards.

7) Using a full lane

The motorcyclist should not share your lane or inserted between rows of stopped or moving vehicles, because it is very vulnerable to the unexpected: a hand can leave through a window, a door can be opened, a car can bend unexpectedly, the bike can crash mirrors of vehicles in rows, etc.

8) Forward always for the lane left

To advance, the motorcyclist should drive on the left side of the track at a safe distance to increase the margin of visibility and become more visible. You should do the signals and check oncoming traffic and use mirrors and turn your head to look at the traffic behind you.

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