The differences between tumors and polyps, explained

tumors and polyps

Many people do not clear the differences between tumors and polyps. In this post, we try to make clear that a tumor and a polyp are not the same things.

Differences between tumors and polyps

The word “tumor” is derived from the Latin word meaning “inflammation”, indicating inflammation of any part of the body. Therefore, the tumor refers to a solid or fluid-filled cystic lesion, which may or may not be formed due to abnormal growth of neoplastic cells. » Read more

What to Ask During a Rehab Center Tour

What to Ask During a Rehab Center Tour

Making the decision to go to a rehab facility like Coastal Detox is a huge step towards kicking your drug or alcohol habit for good. The first step is always the hardest one on any journey that you take in life. You have finally admitted that you have a serious drug or alcohol problem and you need professional help to get your life back on track. This is the hardest thing to do for most people. You will now need to start touring rehab facilities to decide which one you will go to. Here are some important questions that you should ask during your tour. » Read more

What to Do If Asbestos Is Discovered in Your Home

What to Do If Asbestos Is Discovered in Your Home

Asbestos is a material that was used in the construction of office buildings and homes for many years. However, it was eventually discovered that asbestos can be deadly to humans and animals when they are exposed to it over an extended period of time. It can even cause birth defects if pregnant women are exposed to it. You might be living in an old home and discovered that there is asbestos in the walls and ceiling. If this is the case, what should you do? It is very important to follow the proper procedure to ensure the safety of you and your family. Here are the steps you should take. » Read more

Physical hunger or anxiety? 5 Keys to differentiate

Physical hunger or anxiety

Do you have the feeling that always hungry and do not know how to stop eating? Maybe your problem is not just hunger but that emptiness you feel in the middle of your stomach does not come from your stomach but your head. To begin addressing this problem, which often leads to eating more food (and create more flab), the first thing we have to do is detect. If you tell yourself I have hunger, hardly you will resist going to the kitchen to find how to feed, but if you know differentiate and you say to yourself, I have anxiety or emotional hunger, can you think twice, because your body does not need anything. In this case, seeking help is your mind. You want to learn to differentiate? Ask yourself the following questions… » Read more

Antihistamines: What effect they have on our bodies?


The allergy can be so annoying condition that can reach everyday life. Find out how antihistamines can help.

People with allergies must always be careful with allergens that affect them to avoid (if certain foods, for example), and if they are unavoidable (environmental) try to prevent as much as possible their involvement and use antihistamines when symptoms are already charged and want to treat them.

Allergies are reactions of our body when in contact with some allergenic substance. In spring more allergies than the rest of the year appear because pollens are activated. In the fall there is another rally, when they are most affected with allergies to dust mites, mold, fungi and plants that pollinate at that time. » Read more

How to Get Decent Sleep in a College Dorm

How to Get Decent Sleep in a College Dorm

It can be hard getting enough sleep when you stay on campus, be it at Boston College or UCLA. Kids can be very rude and loud, especially when you’re staying in a dorm. There are rules on campus about noise, parties and curfews, but these aren’t always adhered to. People may talk or laugh a bit too loud at all hours of the night, making it difficult to fall asleep. This is especially so if it’s your own roommate. There’s no way to shut them out, so it’s up to you to do something about it. » Read more

You really look good? Check it well

Check it well

You may not even like you’ve raised but, really look good? The answer may not be as obvious as it seems. In general vision diseases they face quickly, as most originate loss of definition in vision, perception of spots, loss of sight or eye pain and redness. It is, however, symptoms that are more difficult if these are due to serious and life-threatening illnesses or are due to milder problems.

Although it is recommended that, before any signal is go to the ophthalmologist, sometimes symptoms occur suddenly and do not have quick access to medical care. Here we describe some forms of self-examination homemade sight and how to distinguish between minor and serious vision problems. » Read more

Overcoming mental injury

mental injury

There are many negative situations that can live an athlete and must overcome to continue to grow and achieve their goals: not lose the weight that you had proposed; not achieve that muscular aesthetic you wanted or not getting the fixed marks.

I always say that these situations just never are entirely negative, since they serve learning and a posterior, gives you a chance to try next with more wisdom and potential. In addition, for this to happen you have to control the possible frustration, focus on analyzing what have been the errors, and then modify.

In this article, I would like to tell you about a situation that may be one of the more negative you can live during your training season and / or competition, as it requires a natural progression break in your sport: physical injury. » Read more

Five Common Health Risks College Students Face

Five Common Health Risks College Students Face

A lot of people look back at their college days as the best time of their life, but despite all the fun college students have, they are at risk for a lot of different health complications. There is a lot of pressure in college to perform well in a lot of different areas, and that kind of pressure can lead to lifestyle choices that are less than measured and prudent. Here are five common health risks college students face. » Read more

The relationship between your teeth and athletic performance

teeth and athletic performance

The relationship between oral health and sport has become very important in recent times, especially for the amount of people who joined the sport as a complementary and essential activity of their lives. There is a direct relationship between oral health and athletic performance. Many muscle and joint injuries are caused in dental infections, although a priori not seem to exist that relationship. There are many coaches who, after a poor run of results, require their athletes an oral review if I could be there the origin true.

There are two major oral health problems that can adversely affect athletic performance: inflammation of the gums, technically known as periodontitis, and bruxism or jaw joint problems, known as temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. » Read more

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