Kratom help insomnia trust me it is effective


You are tired of all those sleepless nights that you are spending wondering around with loud mind, not knowing what to do with yourself. In those dread hours of worrying about every single detail in your life and all those things that you could have done differently, so eventually your mind is troubled with questions on how to put an end to all of this or is there a cure for insomnia? » Read more

8 Signs that your digestive system malfunctions and is causing health problems


Although not relate, when our digestive system has some sort of problem we send different signals for us that we solve and can thus restore balance.

Your stomach is like a second brain. It may seem a bit far – fetched idea, but it is.

It is a very intelligent body responsible in some way, to take care of the overall health of all your internal functions and all react, as it should.

Everything is about balance and knowing what nutrients choice when it comes to the health of your digestive system.

When your digestive system malfunctions are probably starting to become contaminated and you do know, sometimes very subtly.

So you must pay attention to these symptoms that your digestive system is suffering and that can affect your overall health. » Read more

What is rhabdomyolysis? Causes, symptoms and treatments


Rhabdomyolysis is a condition of stress related to exercise and extreme effort. So it occurs and thus is treated and prevented.

It is possible you have seen lately in the news several cases of rhabdomyolysis effort, all related to the use of overall muscle electrostimulation as a training method. The last two cases appeared, both in the province, have led people who have suffered at the hospital.

The rhabdomyolysis effort is a pathology related to the sport that can have serious consequences, however, is easily preventable.

What is rhabdomyolysis and what causes it?

Rhabdomyolysis effort is related to extreme stresses to which we subject our bodies that carry important muscle tears. Whenever we train micro – breakages occur in the fibers of our muscles, to repair itself through rest and adequate food, produce muscle growth. But when an extreme effort is made (such as is done marathoners) may much more severe muscle rupture, and we are not always aware of it. » Read more

Early FDA Review Raises Concerns About New Urinary Drug


The FDA has raised concerns about a proposed new treatment being produced by Allergan Plc to help treat the problem of frequent night-time urination. The US Food and Drug Administration carried out a first-stage review and found that the dosing levels had not been studied properly in clinical trials.


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Allergan had proposed to start patients on the drug at a dose of 0.75 mcg, moving up to 1.5mcg as needed – however, this regimen went through no clinical trials for review. Additionally, data showed that efficacy was only possible at the higher dose. Additional findings from the reviewers raised concerns that the drug had no meaningful clinical value when compared against a placebo.

A Lower Dose of an Approved Drug

The SER120 drug is a nasal-spray taken at a lower dose than the more commonly prescribed alternative of desmopressin. It has been created to treat a disorder called nocturia which affects adults who need to get up at least two times at night to urinate.

As yet, the FDA has approved no drugs to treat this condition, despite there being a range of companies to help with FDA 510k processes such as and pharma companies looking to develop solutions.

The drug desmopressin was approved by the FDA in 1978 in order to treat patients suffering from a rare disorder called diabetes insipidus, which leads to a water imbalance in the body. It has since approved the drug for other uses. However, an oral version of the pill has twice been rejected for producing excessively low sodium levels in patients’ blood, which would present risks outweighing the potential benefits.

Insufficient Data

The government agency had charged Allergan will enrolling patients aged fifty and above to assess the risks of hyponatremia as part of the trial process for the new drug. However, the company failed to carry out sufficient testing across all age groups. During trials, there were five patient deaths, and the reviewers found that the drug could not be completely ruled out as a link to two of those deaths. Four of the patients who died during the trials were aged 75 or older.

Allergan Plc’s shares dipped on the morning of the news, and the company’s board is reviewing the FDA feedback to assess next steps.

What kind of crown is best for your teeth?

Tooth Crown

Dentistry can often involve having to make decisions in the doctor’s office. Here’s all you need to know about the different types of crowns can be offered to you.

A crown or cap is artificial tooth structure that is used to cover the tooth after completion of a root canal or restoration of a fractured tooth. These crowns can be placed individually or interconnected in multiple adjacent teeth. If a missing tooth is replaced having the support of adjacent teeth, then the restoration is known as a “bridge”.

When a doctor is talking about crowns and bridges in any situation, there are always many options offered to the patient. These options tend to vary in the type of materials used, manufacturing technique, strength and even the amount of time that is expected to last.

What are the best crown for your tooth? More expensive always mean better? The answer to these questions actually varies depending on various clinical situations, but there are three main types of crowns that patients need to know about. » Read more

Causes of pain in the kidneys and natural treatment

Kidney pain

The kidney pain is very upset about what is worth knowing its causes and some natural treatments to relieve the pain.


The most common symptoms of kidney pain occur in the lower back, more or less at the height of the lumbar. You can have more or less pain depending on how severe the pain is intermittent but rather often, these symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and dark colored urine. Sometimes the pain of kidney stones can be confused with appendicitis pain or lumbago. » Read more

Exercise and its relationship with our night’s rest

nights rest

There is much talk about the relationship between physical exercise and our night’s rest, finding controversial opinions about it and often discouraging training in the last hours of the day to rest better, however, is this right? What does science say about it?

Just as our body needs rest to perform at their best when performing exercise and at the same time promoting recovery, also the physical effort could influence our night’s sleep, helping or hindering it. We show what scientific evidence indicates: » Read more

How to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking?

Quit Smoking

One of the biggest concerns of smokers when they decide to take the step of leaving the snuff is the risk of gaining weight. However, statistics show that a third of people who quit do not gain weight, and 5% even lose a few kilos. Yet, as in most cases can be increased, here I have some advice for those willing to take the plunge.

Before leaving: Regain control of food and exercise

Quitting smoking requires an effort of will, control food and sports as well. To succeed it is advisable not want to do it all at once. Therefore, there are two strategies. The first is to make healthy habits in food and sport and then, later, quit. The other strategy is to stop smoking first, wait a few weeks or months, and then have a healthier behavior. » Read more

Shake to stimulate the brain and improve the mood

Stimulate Brain

In addition to stimulating the brain, start your day with this shake will allow to have an extra dose of energy and prolongs the feeling of fullness until the next main meal.

Delicious, easy to prepare and energetic! With this shake to stimulate the brain and improve the mood will get a magic formula to make your days more productive, as well as being in a good mood.

To start the day, it is not enough to drink a coffee. The energy level reaches a peak that will not last more than an hour and a half.

However, if you combine two ingredients like avocado and cocoa powder sugars not only you enjoy a good supply of energy, but also prolong the feeling of satiety.

One thing you’ll no doubt have noticed is that the avocado is a fruit very fashionable, it is a basic ingredient in many vegan diets. But you have to abandon the idea that the avocado is fattening. » Read more

Evolution: Is It God’s Creation Or Did We Evolve From A Monkey?


Science is the study of everything that lives, breathes, grows, floats and spins. Science has been around as long as the world has been around. People are always trying to figure out how they evolved and where the world started from. Studying science gives people the ability to do many things. One of the greatest things science does is helps in providing cures for diseases. The study involves things like Nutrigenomics and DNA. People have specific DNA strands and so do many other organisms and mammals in the world. By understanding DNA it is easier to understand why some people get specific diseases. » Read more

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