Cancer: 10 Rules Of Prevention

Cancer Preventrion

The World Health Organization’s advice to follow a healthy lifestyle and subject to periodic controls may limit the risk of developing a cancer in 30% of cases.

Healthy diet and physical activity can prevent cancer. Some simple tips to apply in everyday life and recommended by the WHO. The document was produced and coordinated by the World Health Organization (OMS) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. No smoking, 30 minutes of physical activity per day and periodic screening can limit the risk of developing a tumor. » Read more

Pumpkin: Few calories, many qualities!


Today we will talk about a food of the season: the pumpkin. This vegetable is a true friend of healthy diet: it helps to keep in shape and protects our health!


Pumpkin is low in calories, low in fat and suitable also for diabetics. Do you think that 100 grams of pumpkin pulp contain more than 90% water, only 18 kcal and 0.1% fat. The water content makes it therefore a diuretic food.

As all the vegetables in orange is rich in carotenoids such as beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Those substances, precursors of vitamin A, help the body to prevent premature aging, fighting free radicals and protect eyesight. » Read more

Kratom help insomnia trust me it is effective

You are tired of all those sleepless nights that you are spending wondering around with loud mind, not knowing what to do with yourself. In those dread hours of worrying about every single detail in your life and all those things that you could have done differently, so eventually your mind is troubled with questions on how to put an end to all of this or is there a cure for insomnia? » Read more

Become A Healthier Person By Implementing These Wellness Techniques

Wellness Techniques

At some point in time, most people will decide that they want to abandon their unhealthy habits and begin leading a lifestyle conducive to wellness. However, many of these individuals don’t know where or how to get this process started. Luckily, enhancing your physical and mental well-being doesn’t have to be a daunting task. To keep the process as smooth and simple as possible, consider implementing some or all of the following helpful suggestions:

1. Cultivate A Strong Meditation Practice.

One of the best things to do when you decide that you want to become a healthier person is cultivating a strong meditation practice. This technique will help you decrease your susceptibility to mental health issues that result from ongoing, unaddressed anxiety and stress. In addition to promoting mental health, regular meditation can have a profoundly positive impact on your physical well-being. For example, numerous research studies have linked meditation to enhanced functioning of the cardiovascular system, better sleep, and enhanced immunity.

If you’re new to the world of meditation, know that there are numerous different forms that you can try. An example would be the visualization method, with this modality involving the practitioner focusing in on an object that engenders a deep sense of joy, peace or wonder. Some examples would include butterflies, clouds, rivers, mountains, and trees. Another form of meditation you might consider utilizing is breath-based.

2. Keep Your Body Moving.

In addition to cultivating a strong meditation practice, make sure that you keep your body moving. Implementing this technique will provide you with a wide range of wonderful benefits. First, regular exercise increases the production of serotonin in your body. Once this happens, you’ll likely experience substantive improvements in your mood. Another big benefit of engaging in regular physical activity is that it functions as a natural weight management enterprise which precludes you from gaining the excess pounds that could lead to serious health issues. Some of the other wonderful benefits of exercise include natural hormone regulation, better sleep, and improved posture.

Once you realize how wonderful exercise is for the mind and body, you may be ready to implement a workout routine. If so, it’s important to know that there are numerous different types of physical activity you could engage in. Some of them include cycling, tae-bo, swimming, yoga, pilates, and weight-lifting. Try using the internet to do a search for local gyms and/or fitness communities in your local area.

3. Read Health-Based Literature.

Another strategy that you can implement to get and remain on track to optimal wellness is reading health-based literature. This technique will provide you with information, advice, and instructions regarding how to live in a way that really precipitates mental and physical vitality. If you’ve never heard of Author Ilchi Lee, you may want to check him out. Ilchi Lee has written numerous books covering health-related topics, including Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life.


If you’re serious about leading a healthy life that enables you to be as productive and positive as possible, now is the time to make the lifestyle changes necessary to realize your goal. Three strategies that can help you get on track to healthy living are outlined above. Begin implementing these techniques immediately so you can start seeing substantive results!

3 Facts About MRIs

When you visit your doctor, you may hear him speak a variety of medical terms. You may not understand what they mean, or more importantly, how they apply to you. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a common medical term and a service offered by facilities like Queens imaging center.

Here are three facts about MRIs to help you determine if you are in need of this service.

What it is

An MRI is a test. It functions like an x-ray, except it does not require the use of radiation. The goal is to help your doctor determine what is going on inside your body in a particular area for a specific issue. It combines the use of magnets, radio waves and technology to produce a picture.

Why it is used

MRIs are commonly used on athletes after they have experienced an injury that could lead to a worse condition. If your doctor is trying to determine if your body is experiencing a particular disease or injury, he may order this test. When your doctor believes an issue in your brain or spinal cord may be occurring, the MRI will show if blood vessel damage, cancer or a stroke has occurred. This test can also show blocked blood vessels, heart attack damage and the structure of your heart.
Not everyone can undergo an MRI. If you are pregnant, or might be pregnant, an alternative test may be ordered. Your doctor will also take into consideration if you have asthma, recently underwent surgery and if you have other health issues like allergies or kidney disease.


When a doctor orders an MRI, it is scheduled and you will be asked to prepare. No metal is allowed during the test, so if you have piercings, you will be asked to remove them. If you experience nerves, your doctor will walk you through the process as well as discuss any health risks in terms of the MRI.
An MRI is a test that helps your doctor determine if any particular diseases or conditions may be present in your body.

Do you want to improve your life? Start with yoga!


Why yoga? Here are a few reasons why thousands of people around the world prefer this practice.


Most of the time a modern person spends sitting. We sit on the way to work, we sit at work in the office, we sit at home at the computer, we sit almost everywhere. During this time, the shoulders are constantly omitted, because only a few follow their posture. In a person who constantly stoops, the spine is always compressed and pulled. And in what position are all internal organs? The practice of yoga allows you to straighten the shoulders and back, stretch the spine, breathe in full and feel healthy and full of energy. » Read more

Natural Way To Increase Your Energy Level

Natural Energy

After dinner: Now it’s time to have another cup of coffee … Mmm … Or maybe a little chocolate? Yes, it will help me to fill up the energy reserve. This day is so long! Why do we have to work even after dinner?

In the evening: At last I’m home! Here’s my couch and the remote from the TV. It’s time to rest. Dinner? I especially do not want to cook at night, I just want to rest. But what do we have with frozen pizza or some other fast food? Yes, I know that this is not a very healthy food, but tomorrow I will have more strength to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In the morning: Is it time to wake up? A few more minutes in bed … Please … What time is it? I’m late, I’m falling, I’m missing! In order to have breakfast, there is simply no time left. I’ll grab coffee somewhere and, in any case, I’ll never be hungry in the morning. I’m running. Why is everyone so slow today? Come on! » Read more

7 main myths about nutrition and training, in which it’s time to stop believing!


In our time, you can find many different information about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise. Everywhere are given recommendations on what to eat, when, in what quantity, what training to attend. But sometimes there are such tips that you begin to doubt the truth of these statements.

In this article, we debunk some myths about proper nutrition and exercise. » Read more

Get the Best Deal on Orthopedic Footwear on the Web

If you really want to get the best deals on orthopedic shoes, you should go on the web. This is the place where you can find all of your favorite brands, including the special orthopedic footwear that you need to correct various issues. It’s a cinch that they would all be there waiting for you on the web. Where else can you go to find a million different choices from all over the world in one convenient location?

Do You Know the Best Place to Get Your Orthopedic Shoes?

If you have issues that require you to wear orthopedic shoes, you need to know where to find them. The health of your feet is a serious issue that you can’t afford to ignore. This is especially true if you have to be on your feet for many hours a day. It’s always best to up and about instead of stuck in bed. The key to staying healthy, active, and fit is to find the best place to get your orthopedic shoes.

It’s Time for You to Shop Easy Instead of Shopping Hard

One of the hardest lessons that people ever have to learn is to shop easily instead of hard. Why subject yourself to a long, boring drive in search of the orthopedic footwear that you need? Instead of wasting several hours of your time, why not do things the easy way? But many people insist on shopping the old-fashioned way.

This applies with especial force when it comes time to find a reliable orthopedic footwear store. Why do people have such a hard time shopping for items that should be easier than ever to find? There are several reasons why this is so.

The Web is the Best Place to Order Your Orthopedic Shoes

When it comes to shopping easy instead of shopping hard, you have a choice. The best way to order your orthopedic shoes is to use the power of the world wide web. This way, you can order everything you need from the comfort and safety of your own living room couch. Why do it any other way? All of the other ways involve long drives and plenty of time, energy, money, and gas that you can’t afford to spend.

It only makes sense to shop easy on the web. All you have to do is log on, order the items you need, then quickly log off. A secure transaction that lasts 30 seconds is surely preferable to a long drive around town that may last several hours. You can never come up empty if you know the secret of easy shopping on the web.

10 natural remedies to counter the ulcer

natural remedies ulcer

The ulcer is a wound that affects the stomach and involves an increasing number of people. Let’s find out what are the natural remedies that can help us to get better.

For ulcer is defined as a lesion (usually unique, sometimes even multiple) borne by the internal digestive tract mucosa. The most affected traits are the duodenum and the stomach and, for this reason, the disorder is also referred to as a duodenal ulcer (a form, among other things, a more frequent percentage) and gastric ulcer. » Read more

Six Reasons Why Daily Dental Care Is Important

If you want to have overall excellent health, then routine dental care is important. A dentist in St Louis, Mo., can examine your oral cavity every six months to find problems such as gingivitis or cavities. By catching dental problems in the earliest stages, you can avoid losing teeth from serious infections in your mouth’s gums or the roots of your teeth. Here are six reasons why daily dental care is important.

Reason 1: Making It Easier To Chew Food

By caring for your teeth, you can chew harder foods such as fresh vegetables or meat. If your teeth are chipped or loose, then when you chew food, it can cause pain in the gums. In addition, you won’t develop cavities in your teeth that make it impossible to consume hot or cold foods.

Reason 2: Preventing Inflammation In the Gums

By removing food debris from your mouth several times a day, you can avoid having bacteria around your teeth. If you have bacteria inside your mouth, then the pathogens seep into the crevices around your teeth, causing inflammation. This inflammation leads to gingivitis, and it may also cause infections in the roots of your teeth.

Reason 3: Maintaining Fresh Breath

If you have halitosis, then it can affect your social life. Chronic bad breath indicates that you have an oral health problem that involves your teeth or gums. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth, you may need to use an oral irrigator that emits highly pressurized water. This dental care appliance can remove additional food debris that collects around your teeth.

Reason 4: Creating an Attractive Appearance

When you have strong white teeth, you will have a gorgeous smile. However, if your teeth are discolored or damaged, then you may become embarrassed about your smile. Not only will you avoid smiling when your teeth are ugly, but also, you might not want to talk in public. Keeping your teeth in excellent condition can boost your self-esteem.

Reason 5: Protecting Your Body’s Internal Structures

If you aren’t keeping your teeth healthy, then the bacteria in your mouth will travel through your bloodstream or down your throat. This can lead to having infections in your body, especially in the valves or arteries of the heart, and this can lead to strokes or heart attacks.

Reason 6: Improving Other Health Conditions

When you have other health conditions such as diabetes mellitus or arthritis, taking care of your teeth and gums can improve these problems. The bacteria in your mouth will travel into other areas of your body, and it is important to reduce inflammation to avoid having additional medical complications.

Sexual health services that you can access from home

Taking care of your sexual health is vital, but many people avoid using sexual health services as they feel ashamed or embarrassed. This can mean that thousands of people go years without a check up, leading to serious problems.

Image Credit

Many people also feel embarrassed about buying condoms, which means that they are at an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected sex and of unplanned pregnancy. Thankfully, various services are now addressing this issue by providing a range of sexual health services that can be accessed at home.

Below are some of the most useful sexual health services that you can access from home.


There are several websites that allow users to speak to medical professionals through their computer, including JustDoc, HealthTap and LiveHealth Online. Contraceptives can also be ordered online and brought straight to your front door, such as through the website Nurk, avoiding any potential embarrassment of purchasing in person.

There is also a range of websites through which you can order at-home STI-testing kits. For example, if you would like to order chlamydia testing kits in London, then why not check out visit for a chlamydia testing kit for more information?

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There has so far been a fairly positive response to these new online services: one study found that teenagers and people in their early 20s were more likely to get tested if they could order at-home STI kits, as this means that they can avoid ’embarrassing’ in-person conversations.

Potential concerns

Although these new sexual health services have been praised by many, some issues have also been raised about the various websites and at-home testing kits available. Some physicians believe that the value of some of these services is limited as the user isn’t checked over by a doctor, so there is the chance of a misdiagnosis. There is also the possibility of a false result with an at-home testing kit, so there would still be the need to attend a conventional medical appointment for a follow-up check.

However, many physicians also concede that the tests can work well if they are interlinked with professional medical care. They can be fairly effective for more straightforward health issues, but for people with complex medical issues a doctor’s visit is always recommended.

What Are You Really Losing When You Lose Sleep?


You try to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, get enough exercise, lower your stress levels. If you’ve found that despite all this, you’re still having trouble with your weight, there may be another cause. Most of us realize that lack of sleep can affect brain and body function, but are you aware of the link between weight control and sleep?

Rest may seem counter-productive to weight loss. We’re conditioned to think that heavy workouts and constant motion are the keys to burning calories. But, even an occasional restless night can cause disruptions to in the endocrine system that can have lasting health effects. Lack of sleep has now also been linked to muscle loss and obesity, which are two things most of us struggle with as we age.

How Muscle Mass Affects Your Weight
It’s no secret that retaining muscle mass keeps your metabolism high, or that it’s important to minimize muscle loss while trying to lose fat. Higher muscle loss is also linked to performance and recovery times after workouts. However, a recent study found that the ratio of fat to muscle loss was greater when the participants had fewer hours of sleep each night. Those with more than seven hours of sleep nightly lost 50% of their weight from fat alone compared to only 25% for those who got lass than five hours of sleep.

Indications are that the result was due to a lower level of the hormones that control hunger and food cravings that are produced by the body during a normal sleep cycle. Blood tests revealed lower testosterone and growth hormones levels as well as depleted levels of ghrelin and leptin, which control our hunger centers. In addition, cortisol levels, which are directly linked to dangerous subcutaneous abdominal fat, are elevated when you don’t get your eight hours.

How to Turn it Around and Get Quality Sleep
It isn’t enough to get the recommended hours of rest, the quality of your sleep plays a part as well. No matter how busy you are or how stressful your life, creating an environment that promotes restful sleep isn’t difficult. Some suggestions are:

– Scheduling times for sleeping and waking, and keeping them consistent even on weekends or holidays
– Turning off all electronics devices before you go to bed, or leaving them in another room
– Controlling the light and temperature in your bedroom; cooler, darker rooms promote rest

A diet with a good amount of lean protein helps to reduce muscle loss, and you can supplement with a daily shake containing protein powder is you’re not getting enough through diet. Snacking on foods like cheese or nuts that are high in protein and other nutrients before bed can also help reduce the amount of lean muscle lost.

Sleep isn’t just about closing your eyes for eight to nine hours a night; it’s also about the quality of your sleep. If you’re looking for a natural way to ease your mind and body so you can recharge the right way, you can buy vitamins online with Health365 or a similar company. An optimal formulation of vitamins and minerals relieves stress and anxiety and provide a foundation for cell regeneration and repair the damage done to your system throughout the day.

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