Good foods for memory

foods for memory

To improve memory, encourage their development and, above all, prevent deterioration, it is appropriate to include in our diet fresh foods that provide us antioxidants and other protective nutrients.

There are many ways of trying to cherish the memory. And, of course, apart from exercising that freedom it is no more help from a number of foods that can make your retentive capacity improves significantly.

Take note of which ones, thanks to its components, will become your best allies to improve your memory, which is essential especially if you are studying.

If we give our brain the nutrients it needs, in addition to aid memory, we can prevent a number of diseases related to it such as the Alzheimer’s disease.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits you’ll find in these foods; it is worth that you have in mind. » Read more

Addiction Treatment Is Easier at a Small Center

Meeting Of Support Group

When a person has an addiction, a key factor for the solution is to choose an appropriate kind of treatment environment such as a rural setting for addiction treatment in Clovis, CA. The recovery process can be very difficult because you must overcome a psychological problem and a physical addiction. You may feel weak and powerless during the treatment process, but you can begin to control the addiction if you focus on yourself. » Read more

How to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

How to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Nobody wants to have high blood pressure. A major cause of discomfort and further ill-health for millions of Americans, high blood pressure leads to a variety of ailments, including heart attack, stroke, blindness, memory loss, kidney failure, heart disease, and many other problems. Yet, blood pressure medications can also have side effects that are less than desirable. Diuretic medications lead to excessive urination, severe cramping, and erectile dysfunction. Beta-blockers can lead to depression, insomnia, and symptoms of asthma. Calcium channel blockers may cause constipation, dizziness, and palpitations. » Read more

Electric toothbrushes: Can they really damage your teeth?

Electric toothbrushes

The American Dental Association recommends twice-daily brushing and once-a-day flossing for healthy teeth and gums. You can choose your toothbrush from an endless array of colors, shapes, and designs. Among your many options are electric toothbrushes that promise a just-went-to-the-dentist clean feeling. These motorized models are super-popular, but can using this high-powered cleaner twice a day damage your teeth? » Read more

8 steps you can take to relieve stiff neck or neck pain

relieve stiff neck

It is very important to not force the neck if we feel pain because it could worsen the condition. We will move forward a little each day to achieve an improvement.

Torticollis is a painful condition that occurs when some of the neck muscles contract and hinder the movement of the head.

It usually appears when the muscle suffers because of poor posture to sleep or sit. The affected may be disabled for the duration of muscle contraction, because it has a strong neck pain, limited movements and sometimes headache and a slight tremor.

While this is considered benign, symptoms are very annoying and can prevent the normal performance of everyday tasks.

Fortunately, there are several measures that can be taken instantly to speed your recovery and relief. Here we reveal the 8 main to not hesitate to apply in this situation. Discover them! » Read more

7 reasons why nail biting is bad

nail biting

Beyond being an aesthetic problem, nail biting can lead to health complications of bacterial type and even deformation of the fingers.

Onychophagia, popularly known as “nail biting” is a very common problem at any age and can bring many negative health consequences.

While we may think that this is an aesthetic one, the truth is that biting or nails biting leads to diseases or conditions that are worth avoiding.

This article will tell you why this is a bad habit that you must eradicate. » Read more

Common Causes for Crooked Teeth

Common Causes for Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth is a bigger problem than most people think. While minor crookedness is normally harmless, both in regard to oral health as well as self-esteem – more severe crookedness can be highly problematic. Not only can it limit one’s confidence in their physical appearance, but can also actually affect the functionality of one’s mouth and can be the source of physical pain. While getting and taking care of braces can also be very painful, it’s a short-term solution to what could be a long-term problem. » Read more

5 Surprising causes of inflammation

causes of inflammation

While they may be acute or chronic type, know the causes of inflammation are essential to prevent and avoid resulting in more serious problems.

Does the bite of a mosquito or other insect produced like swelling, redness and itching? Nothing happens. It will only last a few hours or a few days.

That’s a natural response to injury. In this case it would be a response to infections, since some may cause inflammation.

Moreover, there are swellings that last longer. The low-grade inflammation is considered “long term” because it can last for weeks or months. » Read more

Why does it cost so much to recover from a shoulder injury?

Shoulder injury

First things first: the shoulder joint is the most unstable of the human skeleton. This is because there is no subject or congruence between the scapula and the humeral head (which are the two bones that form this joint). Other joints, always greater than the shoulder, act as a gear or a hinge between bones, the stability of the shoulder joint depends 95% of soft tissue such as ligaments, muscles and tendons, with these traccionan last anchored and bone. On the other hand, we could say that the dynamics of the shoulder not only depends on mobility between the scapula and the humerus, but there is another important joint sliding of the scapula on the thorax, which must be perfectly coordinated with the first. » Read more

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