7 Reasons to eat more nuts

eat more nuts

Although in the past there have been conflicting opinions, now we know for sure that taking nuts on a regular basis is very good for the body.

The dried fruit has this name because, unlike other fruits, has less than 50% of water. The various types of dried fruit are among the most complete and energetic food from a nutritional standpoint, in fact, is a rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Recall almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Until some time ago, many thought that eating nuts would entail an increase in weight due to its significant caloric intake and its fat content.

However, many studies have demonstrated the many benefits and, in fact, the dried fruit is an ideal food for those who want to lose weight. This is because it contains healthy fats and helps to increase energy expenditure during the day.

What’s more, the dried fruit is rich in fiber and is recommended against the insatiable desire to eat more than necessary. There are many other reasons why you should increase the consumption of dried fruit. Today we reveal 7 reasons to take away any doubts. » Read more

What are DOMS?


The DOMS, English “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”, are the delayed onset muscle soreness, a phenomenon due to physical exertion of higher than normal intensity, that causes an inflammatory state in the muscle and connective tissue fascial delayed, often after 24-48 h exercise and may take several days.

Doms and lactic acid

For years DOMS have been erroneously attributed to the formation of lactic acid in muscle tissue for fermentation and, even today, it is believed that lactic acid is the cause delayed onset muscle indolent. » Read more

What are the symptoms of cervical and because you can warn them in the gym?

cervical pain

“Cervical” is a generic name we give to a group of disorders that, in theory, can range from simple stiff neck up to very difficult conditions such as severe headaches or skidding.

What is a cervical disorder and how we can become aware of it?

In good summary, the path of a cervical disorder is this:

  • A number of reasons make increase the tension of the neck muscles;
  • Muscle tension begins to cause the first symptoms;
  • Continuous muscle tension does work badly the vertebrae, which degenerate and can create other problems and new symptoms.

The starting point (and then resolution) of the cervical disorder are therefore MUSCLES, that due to different reasons can enter a state of chronic injury.

What are these reasons? Potentially many, as are many of the mechanisms that may affect the muscles of the neck. » Read more

Risks muscle electrostimulation

muscle electrostimulation

Staying in shape involves sacrifice, from the choice of a balanced diet to the constancy to carry out physical activity sustained. It is a commitment that enhances fitness enthusiasts and discourages those who want nothing to do with sweat. We said it yesterday: to get in top shape at the costume fitting must be prepared throughout the year, as opposed to last month handy. » Read more

Foods that worsen your inflammation


The consumption of certain foods is associated with increased intensity of chronic inflammatory. Here we will show you what foods to avoid, in case you intend to better control chronic inflammation are. Minimizes consumption and will reduce the discomfort and pain. While it might seem that, the resulting diet is very limited, as the effects are almost immediate.

Fried foods

Fats are being your worst enemy and you know very well, but not always resist the temptation of good fries. These foods produce too much anxiety.

What you must remember is the importance of a balanced diet and your body needs supplies fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. It is best to eat foods without passing oil. Avoid l as high temperatures, as certain oils become trans fats, which worsen inflammation. » Read more

Axio Is The Best Energy Drink For Those Who Don’t Want Anything Artificial

Axio Is The Best Energy Drink

Exercises For The Brain

Everyone knows what kind of exercises will keep the body fit, but what exercises are done to keep the brain fit? There are a lot of things that can be done to make the brain work harder, mostly by challenging the person to do something that they’ve never done before that takes a lot of concentration. Reading brain teasers as well as doing certain puzzles and activities can also exercise the brain, but there are other ways to keep the brain fit too. Many eat a certain way in order to keep their brain healthy, and it’s proven that what you eat can help your body to be healthy but your brain as well. » Read more

Heart failure: What is it and how to cure it?

Heart failure

Heart failure – or heart failure – is complex alteration in the normal functioning of the heart muscle following which the heart is no longer able to meet the body’s needs. As a result, the cardiovascular system adopts the resistance mechanisms to deal with failure and, if that is not enough, it results in a chronic heart failure, a condition that affects 1-2% of the population – especially the elderly – and remains highly dangerous despite the many advances in heart surgery. » Read more

As in the water, so help you the different styles of swimming


Swimming and exercise in water are one of the best options to work our basic physical abilities reducing the risk of injury.

One of the most recommended by doctors and coaches, and very attractive especially in the summer months, sports is swimming. It is a sport that can play anyone, regardless of age and sex, adaptable to all physical conditions and we can bring many benefits for both our body and our mind. Have you thought about starting to swim this summer?

The benefits of exercise in water

Swimming and water sports such as water aerobics are ideal sports for all ages and also is a good complementary exercise for athletes who perform other types of training. The exercises in the water improve all of our basic physical abilities (strength, endurance, flexibility …) and help us develop other specific capabilities such as body control, coordination and agility. Water sports are usually very complete: help us exercise the whole body, touching all muscle groups and also help us to increase caloric expenditure. » Read more

How to Reinforce Classroom Teachings at Home

How to Reinforce Classroom Teachings at Home

Many parents make the common mistake of expecting the school teacher to be responsible for the total education of their child. Truthfully, the education process starts at home. When a child goes to school, they learn new concepts. The teacher sends them home with homework and the parent should then reinforce what a child is learning in school. While many parents may be busy with work and other responsibilities, children should always come first. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your child’s education is reinforced at home, there are a few strategies to consider. » Read more

Tips for Insomnia: How to Overcome

Tips for Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the main reasons for consultation in primary care. Its negative effects on health are numerous and include symptoms such as daytime fatigue, decreased attention, drowsiness, irritability, tension, depressed mood, headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort or general muscle aches and others. Sleep is essential to repair many body functions, so that people, who sleep well, tend to have better health than those who sleep badly.  » Read more

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