The Kinesio Tape, the beloved patch by athletes

The kinesio tape

In the last year many of us will have seen several athletes both on TV, both in the gym to show off one or morecolored patches on the body: it is not a habit fanciest, but a real necessity.

We are talking of Kinesio Tape, a natural remedy (not release drugs) designed by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the 80s to try to relieve muscle and joint pain. The patches are of different colors, but the colors have no special significance. » Read more

Some of the benefits of yoga, not only for health


There are many interpretations about the benefits of yoga but who practice yoga certainly get an increase in physical and mental wellbeing.

My mother says that when she was young, and her grandmother used to say this proverb: “Nobody escarpment by somebody else.” And if you do what I bring to you today, shaking all the dust of the past, it is because this proverb expresses a great truth with regard to the issue that I share with you: You will not know the benefits of yoga until you practice and have your own experience.

But hey, maybe you’re a person who has only heard of yoga and arguments need to know what you venture company. It is normal, so come with me to know, roughly, what are you going to spend from now soul, heart and life for a very important time of your life, because I’m pretty sure I’ll stay! » Read more

Find out more about triglycerides and cholesterol


The real question is: what you need to know about cholesterol and triglycerides?

Often the two terms is made much confusion and especially the term cholesterol evokes physical problems and misfortunes. Actually both triglycerides cholesterol are important for the well being of our body.

Let’s see in detail

The cholesterol is an important fatty substance for the human body, since it has different functions in the body: it takes part in the digestion process, the production of vitamin D – useful for bone health – and the training of nervous system, leading to the formation of hormones (testosterone and estrogen). Being produced in the liver, cholesterol is found only in animal products. » Read more

Toothaches, headaches and jaw pain: One solution could be the bite!


Having a beautiful smile and sun gives beauty to all ages, makes you look younger, strengthens self-esteem, increases safety and self-awareness. Of course at the base of a beautiful smile it is a perfect set of teeth, which is why it is extremely important to immediately solve problems related to the beauty of the teeth and, of course, to their health.

Have you ever heard of bruxism?

This nervous disorder usually caused by stress, manifested by the grinding and clenching of teeth: the episodes more frequent are mostly reported during sleep. In this case, not being a conscious phase, the patient is not aware of the disorder, but when you wake up you have any pain in the jaw and muscles involved, because during the night were subjected to a continuous effort. The patient also warns neck pain, due to the incorrect position of the teeth throughout the night: the dental visit could help diagnose the cause detectable even with wear of tooth enamel. » Read more

Do you regret your tattoo? This is what you should know before you take it off …


How many people get a tattoo done and soon regret? The reasons may be diverse, but the problem is the same for all: “How to get rid of that tattoo done when he was or was too young / too love / too drunk …?

According to the data unit of the Ruber Clinic Dermatology in 2014 only increased by 30% demand of wanting to erase a tattoo body. And when they spend 5 years since the tattoo has become 60% of people I would want to remove it.

“Removing a tattoo is much harder to do, and not always achievable” – says Luca Siliprandi, vice president Aicpe plastic surgeon.

Tattoos often-young people do not think that is a sign that will be with us forever.

Many of them are tired, changing tastes and passions and then decide to erase the drawing or writing. Some do it for work. Those who want to join the army, police, finance world … do not have to have tattoos. » Read more

Tips for gaining weight healthily

Gaining weight

I have spent many posts the topic of weight loss. The overweight and obesity are problems that concern many people and so continue to do my contributions and advice to enable them to achieve their goal.

That said, I also noticed the questions that make me throughout the week, which many people find it difficult to gain weight. Les uncomfortable to be very thin and that becomes a problem. For this reason, today’s post is about various tricks so they can get fat, but healthy.

Gaining weight is easy if you do not have in mind healthy habits, but that serves to gain weight if our health is affected … So priority will help them gain weight without harm to health. » Read more

Erectile Dysfunction and Meditation

Are you having stressful times and feel sad and perhaps depressed and perhaps its come down to a psychological erectile dysfunction (ED) problem? Perhaps you are overweight and uncomfortable about this and that may be contributing to your ED problem. To help relieve some of this stress and help you cope better, you might consider meditation. Meditation can help you to see inside yourself and help you to understand your anxiety better. What you need to understand is that what ever is bothering you is at best temporary so you need to think of it in terms of that. More often than not, your fears are created by your own mind. You need to harness these negative thoughts and bring yourself to a state of peace and tranquility. This puts your mind at ease and your body as well. Much of this has to do with not paying attention to these negative thoughts and concentrating on pleasurable experiences such as water flowing by in a river or perhaps clouds drifting over head. » Read more

Invisible braces also offer patients a lot of flexibility


You may have seen advertisements for dentists that offer clear braces Brentwood has to offer to its residents. Clear braces are a relatively new technological advancement that is gaining in popularity lately with adults who want to straighten their teeth. This is because they are far and away a better alternative than the traditional braces of the past. They are far less noticeable than the braces of the past. This is why so many people are choosing to get them. » Read more

Aggressive Sports Therapy Keeps You In the Game


The benefits of sports therapy are not limited to elite athletes. Anyone who enjoys working out may find a time in their life when they require physical therapy. Sports therapy may be recommended to help you recover from an injury or to prevent an injury from developing in the first place. Top notch, aggressive sports therapy can limit downtime, boost performance, and allow you to participate in the sport you love. » Read more

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