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How to stop front door draughts

Draught-proofing a door has many benefits outside of keeping your home warm. It is also one of the most effective and cheapest ways to conserve energy and save money.

What you have to do first when blocking a draught is to understand where it’s coming from.
Finding the Source

Start by checking for gaps around your front door as they tend to be one of the more common reasons for draughts, especially in the colder months.

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Next, check your keyholes and letterboxes. If you feel a draught coming from either, find something to block it off with as soon as possible. This article can help find useful ways to draught-proof your home.

Lastly, if you have glazed doors, try to see if a draught is coming from them. Many tend to forget that garden doors can be even worse than front doors when it comes to letting cold air in.

Glass Doors

Glass is one of the main causes of draughts in homes. Many doors have glazed panels. If your glass is cracked or broken, then it’s crucial to replace it as soon as possible as it takes a toll on your home’s warmth and energy efficiency, along with being a safety hazard.

Despite the inconvenience, this can be a good opportunity to upgrade to a more secure and energy-efficient glazing. Specialist door providers such as can be helpful in such endeavours.

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But glazing may not be the only problem as the issue may stem from the door itself. If you have sliding doors, they may be leaking heat out of your home in the winter. You can find many good replacements such as bifold doors Cirencester.

Overall, there are many ways to drought-proof your home, it’s just a matter of finding the best way for you.

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