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How to get a man’s attention

When we feel interested in someone and we want them to notice us, humans are capable of engaging in various ways of communication; the word, the body expression, the smile, the look… however, knowing how to flirt and attract someone’s attention is not an easy task, since other tricks that are more complex to put into practice come into play and are worth integrating.

In the following article, we will discover what these tricks are, but we will also help you feel more confident so that you learn how to attract a man’s attention in a natural and simple way. Take note!

Be natural

This is the most important point when it comes to attracting the attention of any person. When we find ourselves in front of the person we are attracted to, it is normal for us to feel nervous and even out of place, however, it is essential to avoid forced laughter, sudden movements, and artificial behavior.

In order not to fall into that temptation, relax before approaching the boy you like, relax your body well, and remember that you should not be someone you are not really, you just have to enhance your best qualities.

Use your gaze and your body

How to like a guy who I don’t talk to? How to make a guy talk to you? Once you have managed to feel natural and comfortable, the time will have come to use other tricks to attract the attention of that man.

A seductive look has to be clean, quick and direct, so forget about leering all the time and pestering the guy in question with constant glances. Be sure to put on perfume that day, walk past the guy in question and give him a quick look that makes him understand that you see him and that you like what you see. Walk straight / or but try not to keep your body tense.

Have the initiative

This of how to get a guy’s attention without talking to him can be very counterproductive because you have much more to offer and it is more likely to get that man’s attention if you dare to get closer.

So, although we know that it costs, from we advise you to be filled with courage and take control of the situation by approaching that boy. Do not do it impulsively or at any time, take advantage of a good excuse to approach (a question, a suggestion, etc.), and if you do not feel comfortable going alone, ask a trusted friend to go with you

This approach can be in person or through messages, but we will go into more detail about this second option later.

Show yourself interested

If you want to know how to attract the attention of a boy, you will like to discover that the key to everything lies in interest. Of course, being interested doesn’t mean constantly asking questions and feigning surprise, but rather listening well, nodding, and showing curiosity about certain details.

Share your affinities with him and focus on what you share (the practice of a sport, the opinion about work, about a third person, etc.). Pay attention when they talk and don’t hesitate to ask questions and smile or laugh every once in a while so they know you’re on the same page.

Talk about your passions

Showing interest is fine, but don’t forget that a conversation is a matter of two and for it to flow you must talk openly about what you like. We all feel comfortable and enthusiastic when we talk about what we really like, so don’t hide your illusion and you will see how you infect him with that joy and curiosity.

Be positive at all times and don’t forget that there are few things more attractive than intelligence , so don’t play dumb and show that you know what you’re talking about when it’s your turn to lead the conversation.

Use your strengths

Each person has their own strengths when it comes to standing out in the social circle where they move. There are people who, for example, have an intense and beautiful look, while others stand out for having a charming and sweet smile. Others have a fine and contagious humor and others a unique style that everyone likes…

Be aware of each of the characteristics that make you unique and use them to seduce the boy you like. And remember, the most important thing of all is that you see yourself well because the rest will notice this security.

Take care of your style

Although it is the interior that falls in love, it is clear that our appearance is important when trying to attract someone’s attention. So, if you are wondering how to get a man’s attention, you will have to spend some time getting ready.

That does not mean that you spend long hours on your makeup or that you dress in uncomfortable clothes, but we mean paying some attention, for example, to the outfit. Wear something flashy and fashionable and, if possible, that fits those parts of your body that you want to highlight (hips, waist, arms, back, etc.) Comb your hair in such a way that you feel more attractive and don’t forget the perfume, an essential detail to remain in someone’s memory.

Humor and security

In any type of social interaction, it is essential to maintain a strong and unique personality. If you’re wondering how to get a guy’s attention, remember that obvious nervousness and shyness can be very counterproductive, as it could make the guy in question think you don’t want to be there.

To be uninhibited and feel more secure, humor is a great solution. Everyone likes funny people, as a refined sense of humor denotes intelligence and spontaneity. Test the ground with low-stakes pranks and find out what makes that guy funny so you can tailor your pranks to those same themes.

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