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Top 6 Tips for Men’s Hair Care

While most people associate women with caring about hair, personal hygiene and appearance are also important to most men. A man that takes care of himself is irresistible, after all. One of the most prominent men’s health topics searched on the internet is hair care, so here are six tips for taming your mane.

1. Clean Your Scalp

While you may not think of it at first, caring for your scalp is essential to hair health. A dirty scalp increases your risk of bacteria, infections, and inflammation. These can all damage your hair follicles and contribute to hair issues.

Gently massage shampoo into your scalp as you wash your hair. How often depends on your hair type, but generally, anything between every other day and weekly is acceptable.

2. Treat Baldness or Hair Loss

Hair loss is genetic for many men and can lead to a lack of confidence. Watching your diet, avoiding smoking, and correctly caring for your hair can help; however, if you have significant loss or thinning, you may need to talk with a professional.

Many people opt to do a hair transplant in Turkey to fill in gaps and make their hair thicker again. While it once seemed futuristic, hair transplants are commonplace nowadays and can bring fantastic results.

3. Use the Right Products

Knowing your hair type is essential when choosing hair products. Each is specially formulated for specific types of hair follicles and textures. For the shiniest, healthiest hair and hair that grows correctly, you should choose the products that correspond with your hair. For example, if your hair is curly, look for a shampoo and conditioner made for that hair type. On the other hand, if your hair is thin and flat, look for a product with volume.

Remember that using a curly shampoo will not make your hair curly if it isn’t naturally curly. Instead, find products that enhance your natural hair type for the best results.

4. Cut Your Hair Frequently

Hair grows best when it is trimmed consistently. Longer hair can go up to 12 weeks without a trim, but shorter hair styles may need much more upkeep.

When your hair is cut or trimmed, you are removing split ends and unhealthy growth, allowing the hair to continue thriving. It also helps your hair to look smoother and thicker. If your hair tangles easily, you’ll also be glad to know that getting a trim can help it naturally detangle.

5. Love the Gray

If you are already graying, don’t worry. Most people start going gray before they turn 50. Today it’s trendy to accept a salt-and-pepper look or to go completely gray. This is the lowest maintenance way to deal with gray hair.

You can dye your hair silver or choose a hair dye color that blends in with the gray. This is more natural. To take care of your colored hair, use a color-safe shampoo, and you’ll have to get touch-ups done every month or so.

6. Keep It Moisturized

While you may think about moisturizing your skin, your hair needs it, too! If you don’t already use a conditioner in your hair care routine, add one to it. This can keep your scalp hydrated, your hair strands stronger, and your locks shiny. Shampoo helps clean your hair, but it also strips off the natural oils that help keep it healthy and hydrated. You can help counteract this by using conditioner, especially if you have super fine hair.

Curly, thick hair can use conditioning masks every once in a while. You can also consider taking hair health supplements to give your hair the vitamins and minerals it needs for maximum health.

Get to It!

The time to start caring for your hair is now. The longer you stick with it, the better results you will see.

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