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5 Food Tips To Prevent Diabetes

Eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking coffee and decreasing soft drinks and animal protein can reduce the risk of 60%.

For those most at risk of diabetes, proper nutrition and physical activity can reduce the likelihood that the disease will develop by 60%. “The possibility of preventing diabetes even for those at high risk is a fact supported by studies conducted around the world,” said Rosalba Giacco, an expert at the Society for Diabetology (SID), to improve the quality of diet, exercise, losing a few pounds are effective interventions that can reduce the risk of 60%.”

Based on several studies conducted, researchers at the Australian University of Newcastle have drawn up a list of five food recommendations that should be followed to lessen the risk of diabetes.

Prevent diabetes with diet

The study of researchers at the Australian University of Newcastle was conducted on 101 men with prediabetes, which was prescribed a program that included a low-fat diet and an increase in exercise, resulting in a weight reduction of 5.5 kg and a better glycemic control. Research findings and food advice have been published in The Conversation’s scientific journal.

Prevent Diabetes
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Increase dose of fruit and vegetables

Among the first tips listed by Australian University scholars, surely the increase in the daily supply of fruit and vegetables is to be included. Experts recommend mainly green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach or cabbage.

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Eliminate sugared beverages

In the second place of the advice to reduce the risk of diabetes, there is an indication of eliminating the consumption of soft drinks from the diet. This type of drink contains a high rate of sugar that may favor the onset of diabetes. As researchers have evaluated in a study published on the British Journal of Sports Medicine, every daily drink increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 13%.

Dimute the derivatives of animals

At the suggestion of increasing the daily doses of fruit and vegetables, the radical decrease in the consumption of foods derived from animals has to be linked. The list includes foods that contain animal proteins such as red meat, fatty and inlaid dairy products.

Coffee beers to increase metabolism

Experts point out coffee as a drink to consume if you want to prevent the onset of diabetes. Increasing coffee consumption, even decaffeinated, promotes accelerating metabolism.

How to get glicemical indicators

Researchers also include tips to prefer low glycemic foods. These foods are products that, by virtue of their chemical composition and its impact on the body, allow to raise blood sugar levels, blood sugar. Foods that are part of this classification are: lean milk, soy milk, and yogurt. Among the spices, the curcuma is cited as ideal in the process of controlling type 2 diabetes. Free path to legumes such as beans and lentils and whole grains.

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