The 5 best Yoga postures for a runner

Yoga postures, after intense physical activity such as running, spinning or aerobics, it is convenient to perform some stretching helpful resources technique in order to improve the mobility of the body completely and relieve the accumulated tensions. Therefore, I advise you to practice these 5 Yoga postures, which do not require any previous experience in the discipline.

Why is it good to practice Yoga postures?Yoga Postures

After a running session, there are some Yoga postures that can help you relax, avoid injuries while running and improve your flexibility and circulation. If this is the first time you are going to be encouraged to do Yoga, do not despair, because the following are simple to do. You just have to keep each of them for two minutes and breathe deeply.

Yoga Postures

Child’s posture (Balasana)Yoga Postures

Balasana If you want to end your training, kneel on the floor sitting on your heels. Exhale through the mouth and bring the torso forward. Stretch your arms over your head with your palms up, or, take them to your hips and let your shoulders rest on the floor. Your glutes should rest on your heels. Look at the picture to guide you.   

The child’s position serves to stretch the knees, thighs, and hips, as well as relieve stress, headache, and fatigue.

Dog posture head downYoga Postures

This Yoga posture allows you to stretch all your muscles and relax your body completely. To do it you have to anchor your hands and feet to the ground and then open your hands and fingers at shoulder height. Push against the ground and keep in mind that your feet should be on tiptoe. Read more: Natural Way To Increase Your Energy Level 

Wall posture

Bring your buttocks to the wall and raise your legs resting on it. Stretch your arms and bring your hands to the side of your hips. click to investigate

Camel posture

Camel posture Kneel and try to get your knees up to your hips. Keep your toes on the ground and bring your arms and head back so that the trunk is arched. If you want to avoid injuries in Yoga, never force the posture. Do what you can.

The camel’s posture provides elasticity and flexibility to the spine, stretches the quadriceps, tones the abdominals and increases blood circulation from the trunk to the head and go here for more info.

Quadriceps StretchYoga Postures

Kneel on the floor and keep your back straight. Bring your right leg back and lift your heel with your hand to bring it to the buttocks. Look at the photograph as a reference. Remember that fundamental stretches are essential for before and after physical exercise. A runner should warm up by stretching very well to avoid the typical injuries of this sport. Get direct lending payday loans no credit check.

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