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Why does it cost so much to recover from a shoulder injury?

First things first: the shoulder joint is the most unstable of the human skeleton. This is because there is no subject or congruence between the scapula and the humeral head (which are the two bones that form this joint). Other joints, always greater than the shoulder, act as a gear or a hinge between bones, the stability of the shoulder joint depends 95% of soft tissue such as ligaments, muscles and tendons, with these traccionan last anchored and bone. On the other hand, we could say that the dynamics of the shoulder not only depends on mobility between the scapula and the humerus, but there is another important joint sliding of the scapula on the thorax, which must be perfectly coordinated with the first.

Shoulder injury
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Thus, the shoulder joint is devoid stability or bone fastener and therefore is easy to injuries to trauma, torsions or even overstrain.

Muscle tone and coordination of the muscles around the shoulder are fundamental in biomechanics because not only are responsible for printing force to the joint movements, but also responsible for maintaining contact and functional consistency of the bones that make up this particular joint.

Often people who are not properly toned or not coordinate the activity of the muscles around the shoulder are injured when they start a new gymnastics or sports activity. In our center we often receive patients suffering shoulder tendinitis after deciding get in shape by swimming. It is easy to imagine the repetitive stress to which we subject the shoulder to practice crowl, for example. In these exercises, as well as launch or racket, we have to prepare with specific exercises that typically call exercises re-centering of the humeral head, so that this roll next to the articular surface that offers the scapula of a precise and stable manner.

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This same vulnerability shoulder will be even greater when the joint has been injured, as any injury leads to muscle atrophy and even a lack of coordination (muscle dyskinesia) that causes shoulder injuries are difficult to recover. In these cases, the close supervision of a physiotherapist is essential for the rehabilitation and recovery follow a right course.

The shoulder is the joint that must put more care specialists return to sport. When we treated a patient or operated shoulder, the restart any effort, if the shoulder is not fully prepared or if any attempt to skip a protocol level recovery occurs, it can easily cause a relapse.

As a final recommendation, we must know the exercises toning the muscles re-centering or shoulder stabilizers (muscles that form the so – called “rotator cuff shoulder”). And mainly in racquet sports or launching, analysis by a specialist coordinating the sliding of the scapula and movement between this and the humerus, it is important. This we can correct functional defects that are the source of important and insidious shoulder injuries.

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