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5 Surprising causes of inflammation

While they may be acute or chronic type, know the causes of inflammation are essential to prevent and avoid resulting in more serious problems.

Does the bite of a mosquito or other insect produced like swelling, redness and itching? Nothing happens. It will only last a few hours or a few days.

That’s a natural response to injury. In this case it would be a response to infections, since some may cause inflammation.

Moreover, there are swellings that last longer. The low-grade inflammation is considered “long term” because it can last for weeks or months.

causes of inflammation
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For this reason also it called chronic inflammation. Here both noticeable signs of active inflammation and healing attempts are unsuccessful.

When the inflammation does not yield, the danger is greater. It can cause illnesses that can range from diabetes to heart problems, through arthritis or Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some causes of inflammation and ways to reverse the effects…

1. Are you overweight?

If your body has a few extra pounds can cause an inflammatory response in fat cells.

As we age, fat tissue affects some of the cells in our body. When this occurs inflammation is provided.

The obesity in young people may cause alarm signals in fat cells. What happens is that your immune system will begin to act to defend your body, but without anything you’re really hurting.

2. Your boss is an ogre and your life is chaotic

Other causes of inflammation are stress. This can be acute or chronic.

  • Acute stress is when your worries or fears are very large and are under a situation that really puts your life at risk.
  • The stress Chronic occurs when there is a bad marriage or work will generate anxiety.

Both are causes of inflammation. Cortisol plays a role in regulating the inflammatory response. The problem is that chronic stress can slow the effects of this hormone.

According to a study conducted at Rockefeller University, this can cause uncontrolled inflammation.

In the same study it states that chronic stress can also cause an increase in certain inflammatory white blood cells. The result is that it increases the risk of inflammation-related diseases.

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3. You intestinal bacteria

Not all bacteria are harmful. Some may suppress inflammation and can activate other, depending on their nature. However, 70% of the immune cells residing in your intestines.

This means that intestinal bacteria can affect the immune system in several ways, so that become a cause of inflammation.

Scientists studying these issues not fully understand this interaction. For this reason, they are exploring the environmental and dietary changes that change the situation.

There are studies that have identified microbes living in the gut and that seem tobe related to the development of rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Inflammation caused by intestinal microbes may also worsen or facilitate the emergence of other diseases, such as HIV. Note that your physician has prescribed Doxycycline or any other generic because he has judged that the favor to you is biger than the risk of potential side effects. Follow the directions for use on your prescription label. Your remedy is for you only. Read The Full Article Pharmacies sell everything from the beauty products to first aid kits, natural minerals, nutritional supplements, minerals, health foods, and skin care and everything new parents need to feed for babies.

4. Be gone from drinks

Physiologically, alcohol is broken down in your body. This reaction produces toxic by-products that promote inflammation. We know that the liver is the principal involved in this process of decomposition and processing of alcohol.

This means that when we take too much alcohol, the liver is the first to present inflammation. If we keep drinks like this, we prevent the liver to rest and detoxify.

In the end, we can cause severe problems such as steatosis or fatty liver.

If in addition to consuming alcohol, you accumulate a lot of fat, you can develop cirrhosis or hepatitis.

Do not take away importance to the causes of inflammation and its consequences Chronic inflammation can take weeks and even months to appear and can occur anywhere in the body.

If you are overweight, smoke, consume alcohol you should watch what is happening in your body. Remember that to prevent this vital exercise lose weight and eat healthily.

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