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The Rise of Social Media, and it’s importance in the Global Pandemic

Back at the turn of the millennium, social media wasn’t anything that we could even envisage. Speaking and chatting to people online was done on a chatroom and was certainly not anything resembling the social media that we all know today! But by the middle of the first decade of the century, we were starting to see people online connect in a different way – MySpace and shortly after Bebo, introduced to mainly younger people a completely new way to socialise and communicate with one another.

Although these two now no longer exist, another social media platform started to emerge around this time – Facebook! Facebook very quickly started to gain popularity, and it was soon joined by Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and most recently TikTok.

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This explosion in social media, saw particularly the younger generation, but in more recent years the older generation have also been getting to know the ropes of social media, opening up the world to them, and with particular necessity now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, older people that would otherwise be completely isolated, are now able to communicate with family safely and easily.

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The other thing that has changed a great deal with the rise of social media is how we do business. It didn’t take businesses long to cotton on to the fact that this was a great way to get their product out there, and most businesses now use social media in one way or another to promote their brand. Many use a brand strategy agency to help with this.

During the global pandemic that we are all facing, now is the best time for people and businesses to get online and get talking!

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