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The magic pill is inside of you

Would you like to have a therapy available to prevent a great deal of illness in one shot? A sort of magic pill or secret weapon that can counteract the effects of aging and make you stay healthy, strong and autonomous until the end?

I’m sure you would be interested in trying it out. And if I add that it is a side effects treatment that does not cost much, if compared to other types of interventions? It would be irresistible, right?

But there is a single neo: it is a therapy that requires your active commitment. You have to spend time, something like 3-4 hours a week if you really want to have good results. You may have realized that I’m talking about exercise.

There have been scientific data for years that confirm the ability of well-metered physical exercise to prevent a huge number of problems. A recent study even speaks of physical activity as a “medicine” against 26 different types of diseases including depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer. If sports habits are associated with a healthy diet and good management of stress, the preventive potential becomes enormous.

Yet, the new banal, the need to devote time, becomes an insurmountable mountain capable of curbing and blocking the path of most people. The tens of millions of fully sedentary sad example of this. They are people who know well what benefits it brings to exercise but are wrong about approaching the problem. Lazy indole, lack of time, tiredness are all apologetic and they have little to do with the ability to follow a motor activity program or not. Even the willpower, often drawn to dance like that hidden quality of the person who does, does not matter much. The real problem is organization, the mistake is that you do not plan.

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Here are 5 tips that can help you capture the miraculous effects of physical activity on your health and the quality of your life …

1. Analyze the benefits compared to the sacrifices

Write in detail what you think may be the short and long term benefits of doing physical activity and the obstacles you will encounter. Analyze in such a way as to predict. Surprises in life are really rare. In most cases, what drives us away from our path is poor programming, not a series of unpredictable events. If I have to go to the gym but jump out of training because I’m late, it’s no surprise but the result of something that went wrong in my programming.

2. Enter physical activity into your agenda as if it were a business appointment

To minimize the risk of making mistakes in programming, we must put our workouts on the weekly agenda as if they were important and indispensable work appointments. Only then will sport become a protected sacred space , a moment for itself and for its own body, regardless of commitments, cold, heat, or any other external factor.

3. Take advantage of the weekend to increase physical work

The weekend offers a privileged moment to do physical activity with friends and family. Often the weekend makes it possible to move more and so it is ideal to go in the middle of nature and thus combine physical stimulation with mental relaxation. We set aside saturday and sunday before the television to languidly munch some crap and choose instead to use the weekend to regenerate ourselves in body and spirit.

4. Learn more than you can

To work, physical activity requires your commitment even mental. You have to understand what you are doing, learn how to feel the muscles that contract, know how to balance the time. In short, you have to learn and learn more and more studies about the sport that you practice and become more efficient will become. This means that you will have more results with less time investing.

5. Surrounded by active people to get you infected positively

Others affect us well and badly. If we surround ourselves with bad people who eat badly and who are absolutely sedentary, we will make our life changing project a kind of obstacle course. Try changing around, looking for new friends or selecting better among the circle of people you know preferring those that can be a positive stimulus. Maybe ask someone if you can join in on some workout or course. The support of others may be particularly important when it comes to a real contagion promoted by the example.

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