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How to Avoid Foot Injuries When Playing Sports

Foot injuries are some of the most common types of injuries seen in athletes. Runners, tennis players and soccer enthusiasts often experience injuries to their feet. These may seem unavoidable, but there are many ways to prevent getting hurt. The strategies include warming up, which is important before any sport or physical activity. Jogging for a few minutes and stretching one’s feet, ankles, and lower legs loosens the muscles and prevents the rigidity that makes you more prone to injury.

You should also not overdo any particular activity. When you are training, start at the beginner level and increase the intensity of your exercises, practice, and sporting activity gradually. Your muscles need to be conditioned over weeks or months to increase your mobility. Also, try different activities than your favorite sport to build even more muscle; cross training is a very effective process for this.

The Right Shoes Matter

Athletic shoes come in many styles. Any shoe should have arch and heel support, but it is important to choose one that is designed for your specific sport. Running shoes should be worn by a person training for a marathon, and soccer shoes should be worn by soccer players. Cross trainers can be great if you are just starting to get into a couple of sports. Your shoes should also be in good condition; if they are losing support, tread, or shock absorption, it is time for a new pair.

Play on an Even Surface

Running or playing any sports on uneven surfaces increases the risk of foot injuries. Avoiding spots where there are holes, loose gravel, rocks, or tree stumps can prevent foot injuries, but be sure to pick an area with the type of surface you plan to compete on. A smooth dirt road can be fine if you have trouble with your lower legs; at least it’s softer than asphalt or concrete.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Pain is a good reason to stop playing a sport or partaking in an activity. Seek proper rehabilitation from, for example, the largest Orthopaedic group in Virginia, to prevent the issue from getting worse. Previous ankle injuries tend to recur. You can use tape or a brace to support the area to prevent any further damage. Also, you may start to feel it as your shoes wear, so replace them every six months or as frequently as necessary.

Foot injuries in sports range from sprained ankles to a torn Achilles tendon. Tendinitis is another common problem, as is plantar fasciitis. These problems, in addition to inflammation and stress fractures, can be prevented if you follow a few precautions while playing sports, so you can keep playing and spend less time recovering.

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