10 signs of psychological violence in relationships

Psychological violence in relationships is very difficult to determine. Perhaps you love your man so much that you forgive or deny his cruel attitude towards you. This is the most terrible mistake you should not make. It is very important to understand that you are in this kind of relationship because eventually, a man will just break you. So, 10 signs of psychological violence in a relationship.

Psychological violence: He wants you to pay attention to him 24/7

signs of psychological violence

It sounds horrible, right? If your man forgets about his hobbies and friends and wants to be with you all the time, it means that your relationship is developing in the wrong direction. I understand that for the first few months, lovers are always together. However, if you constantly do not have time for yourself, then a loved one is trying to control you. Read more: What men choose women for a holiday romance?

He acts like a dictator and sets rules in your relationship

psychological violence in relationships

Your boyfriend walks with his girlfriends, and he spends time with his friends? Does he constantly say that your friends are bad for you? He says that he hates your best friend? And she, probably, the only person who tries to prove that your man is abusing his position in the relationship. Read more: Male orgasm: 5 interesting facts about the important culmination of excitement

It isolates you from the people you love

One of the most horrible signs of psychological violence in a relationship is when a partner isolates you from family and friends. Later, to avoid conflicts and scandals, you completely stop seeing and communicating with people you love very much. Your man will always put you before a choice: either he or others. Remember – you must see and talk with anyone you want, without anyone’s permission!

He limits your freedom and wants to know about every step you take

This is another terrible sign of psychological violence in a relationship. Your man wants to know all the time where you’re going, what you do and who you’re talking to.

He punishes you

best psychological violence

Your partner refuses to talk with you, does not answer SMS, calls or e-mail, does not explain why he is angry with you? Know, he just punishes you for not listening to him. And this is another sign of psychological violence in a relationship.

He humiliates and offends you

Do you often hear the words “stupid”, “abnormal”, “fat”, “ugly”? Your man often humiliates you? He often accuses you of being too sensitive, and you need to treat everything easier? He just tries to break you and convince you that nobody needs you, except him.

He shows the extreme degree of jealousy

When you are together, does your man often accuse you of looking at other men? He forbids dressing nicely and sexually and wearing heels? This is another terrible sign and a sign that you need to escape from him without looking back.

He has access to your calls, SMS and social networks

Has your private life come to an end? All calls are printed, SMS and correspondence in social networks read? I congratulate you, you have nothing left on your own.

He dictates what you can walk in, and what you can not

Do you not have the right to choose your own wardrobe? He rejects all the things that you like, making you buy things, according to him? This is already too much, agree. We all must respect the choice of everyone. Especially since no one has canceled the individuality.

He knows about every step you take

top psychological violence

He is aware of all your travels around the city, requires you to report for the day: where were, whom I saw, with whom I spoke …

You have the right to be in a relationship where a partner loves you, respects and does not degrade. It is better to live alone, have freedom of choice, communicate with whomever you want and go where you want, rather than live with a dictator. If most of the signs indicate that there is psychological violence in your relationship, you need to break up with your boyfriend. Know, you deserve better!

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