These are the top craft trends of 2023

Interested in picking up a craft? Read on to take inspiration from the top craft trends of 2023.

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Personalised gifts are always top sellers on handmade platforms such as Etsy. With the accessibility of modern digital craft machines, anybody can now turn their hand to the hobby. Whether you’re using a Cricut to cut vinyl names, or a Glowforge to laser engrave onto wood, this is one craft that sees no signs of slowing down.


Macraweave is a craft involving yarn which is knotted and woven to create beautiful projects that stand out for their textures. You could start simply with a macrame kit to get the basics of the knotting technique before building the weaving into future projects. The ability to progress your skills as you learn makes this an ultra-accessible craft for beginners.


No longer reserved for your granny, wool crafts have seen a huge spike in popularity over recent years. With the current arguments against fast fashion chains selling crochet items (did you know that crochet cannot be replicated by machine?) this is one craft that simply must be performed by hand.

With so many beautiful yarns to choose from now, why not browse a specialist website such as, pick up a hook, and you’ll be amazed by the stunning creations you can make.


With more of us conscious of our impact on the planet, learning how to “make do and mend” to extend the life of clothing is an increasing trend. The proof is in the numbers with this one, with ITV stating that there are 15.1 billion views on videos using the hashtag #sewing

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A craft involving a thick liquid which solidifies into a plastic form once set, resin is seeing a rise in popularity over recent months. The flexibility of this craft means that you can make a huge array of wonderful items, whether you’re using coloured resin, adding glitter, or encasing flowers. It really is a craft with a huge array of uses.

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