Shaped beach: Sports you can practice to the sea

These are the classic and the latest sports you can practice the seashore.

In summer, in addition to rest on our holiday period, also we can use to get in shape to the sea. There are many sports, from classics like beach volleyball or paddles to the newest as the wakeboard, we can practice inside and outside the water and help, us stay in good shape while enjoying the sun and our free time.

Definitely the best that these sports usually practiced in pairs or groups, so they are also a great opportunity to socialize and have fun with friends or family. Just remember to protect your skin properly before you get to play, and wear sunglasses to sunlight will not damage your eyes. All prepared? Already there is only fun!

Shaped beach
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The funniest classic

If there is a sport that triumphs on the beach, that is the known blades. We can play one on one with a friend or join a large group of friends either way, it is one of the funniest sports you can practice on the shore. You only need a couple of shovels of wood or plastic and a small ball to start the fun. You can make your opponent run after the ball (or he to you!) But remember that it is also important teamwork to get keep the ball in play as long as possible. Running through the sand and pick up the ball we will work our legs and buttocks, and also be able to test our coordination.

Another perfect sport to practice the sea is the frisbee. Not just about throwing the discus and try to catch him, but we can also include fun tricks that make a little more risky maneuvers. Playing frisbee on the edge of the beach and end up giving us a soaking in water after running behind the disc is not unusual: upside down, it is very nice in long hours t heat. If you play on the shore and you immerse yourself knee deep, the water resistance will make your legs work harder.

Many of our beaches have tennis beach volleyball among its facilities, and the sunset, when the sand no longer burns but we can still enjoy the warm weather, is one of the best times to practice this sport. Players can hit the ball with any part of the body, including the legs and feet, as long as the ball is kept in play. Run and jump through the sand, a less stable than usual surface will help us to strengthen our lower body.

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The Latest

Sure you have in mind waterskiing lifelong where we slipped on two similar to snow at themercy of the waves and a speedboat skis. What if we now include table snowboard in our equation? This is how we get the wakeboard: a mix of snowboarding and waterskiing that will delight the most daring athletes. The high-speed boats reaching promises a good discharge of adrenaline for which it is on the table. Once we are wakeboarders experienced we can start rehearsing somersaults on our table.

Have you seen people glide over the waves with a surfboard and a paddle? They are practicing stand-up paddle surfing or SUP, a new sport that helps us to tone all our back and our arms to paddle while our middle ensures that we do not lose balance. A demanding sport but much quieter than the wakeboard and helps us connect with ourselves and with the sea. Would you like a small rowing journey?

Also on tablets of a slightly more traditional surf size and with more buoyancy, we can practice Yoga or Pilates on water. If you are already a master of the asanas on land, try them on the water surface will give you a completely different perspective of this discipline: our core or central area has to be activated much more to keep us in balance, since water is an unstable surface and changing. On these large tables we can work our flexibility and coordination.

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