Ways to Hide Thinning Hair

One of the best ways to hide thinning hair is to change the colour of your hair. Dark hair tends to make the thinning more noticeable, so a lighter colour will make it less obvious. You can also use a hair colour spray to cover the thinning areas.

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Another way to hide thinning hair is to wear a headscarf, bandana or hat. These items can give your cover up thin patches in the front and back if you are feeling self conscious about thinning hair patches. These accessories also draw attention away from the thinning hair. Hair scarves and hair clips are other great options for women who have the same problem.

Women can also try styling it in different ways to hide thinning hair. A puffed-up ponytail creates an illusion of fullness. First, you need to tease your hair by finger-combing it. Once you have done this, use pins to secure your hair. Alternatively, you can wear your hair down and add soft curls using a large-barrel curling iron.

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For men, a comb over has very negative connotations and isn’t a great image so those with thinning patches might want to consider the advantages that Scalp Micropigmentation Solihull can provide. Find out more about Scalp Micropigmentation Solihull by visiting His Hair Clinic.

A professional hairstylist will be able to recommend haircuts that can hide bald patches. Some women with thinning hair can opt for a haircut that features a fringe, for example. Alternatively, they can try a hairstyle that focuses on their temporal and brow area.


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