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Pain in the right hypochondria with liver disease

If you pay attention to the picture presented on the page, the pain in the right hypochondria can cause disturbances in the following vital organs: first of all it is the liver , then we note an equally important organ – the gallbladder, the same pain can cause disturbances in the work of the pancreas and inflammation of the mecum (appendix). But more about everything.

The liver is a very important organ in the human body, which takes a direct part in such processes as: it helps to digest and split food and take away useful substances for the body’s work, splits and processes fats, takes part in metabolism, is of great importance in the work of the circulatory system, and also removes from the body various harmful and poisonous substances. Read more: 5 BEST PRODUCTS FOR CLEANSING THE BODY

Pain on the right under the ribright hypochondria

If any of these functions are violated, a person can feel various pains in the right hypochondrium, from slight aching and burning pains to sharp tingling. In such situations, liver diseases such as hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis can develop. The main cause of these diseases is:

  • unplanned food;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol-containing beverages;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • getting viral infections in the human body.

Pain in the right hypochondria with gallbladder diseaseright hypochondria

Gallbladder – is the main assistant of baking in the process of digestion. Isolates bile fluid, which processes animal and vegetable fats, reduces gastric muscles to move food from the stomach into the intestines, prevents the negative effect on the body of the pancreatic juice. The main cause of disruption of the gallbladder is the formation of gallstones in it. Read more: Lose weight: 7 foods that you can eat without remorse

The number of stones can vary widely from several pieces to several thousand. Gallstones can be deposited not only in the gallbladder but also in the liver. Sharp and burning pain in the right hypochondria can cause a situation when the magnitude of the gallstone approaches or even exceeds the size of the duct of the gallbladder. Pain can continue until the stone passes through the bile duct and leaves the twelve of the intestine. The main cause of the appearance of gallstones is the consumption of a large number of fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Pain in the right hypochondria with appendicitisright hypochondria

Do not rule out such pain and inflammation of the mecum (appendix). Most often the caucus is located much lower than the liver, but there are exceptions when the appendix is directly below it. In the initial stage, the symptom of appendicitis can be the pain, which is felt throughout the abdominal region, but after a while, it is accented directly at the location of the appendix. If you suspect appendicitis, the patient should immediately be hospitalized and take tests to confirm the diagnosis.

In the rarest cases, pain in the right upper quadrant can occur if the pancreas is damaged. this organ is located more in the left side of the person and in case of pain the pain, most often, spreads to the left side. But, again, in exceptional cases, the pancreas may be located more on the right side of the body, the disease of which will cause the above-mentioned pain sensations.

In any case, with the appearance of such pains, it is necessary to apply to the clinic as early as possible and to conduct an examination of the whole organism, for a more accurate identification of the sources of pain. After that, the attending physician will prescribe the necessary course of treatment for you.

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