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Be lazy with health!

Lazy with health– They say that all the great discoveries were made because of laziness. If people were not lazy, would they ever invent the wheel? So we would have weights in our hands. And cars? A remote from the TV?

Mankind is still striving to work as little as possible. Robots already replace cashiers, conductors, and drivers. Even the news – and they write computers. During the last US elections, the robot prepared more than 500 articles for The Washington Post – and that’s because journalists were lazy to write dry template notes.

Be lazy with health so, laziness is good?lazy with health

Exactly. American scientists came to the conclusion that this is an important and necessary part of life, and in vain we demonize it. Laziness protects us from processing and stress. Studies have shown that lazy people have healthier health than workaholics. Read more: 5 BEST PRODUCTS FOR CLEANSING THE BODY

Those who work more than 60 hours a week, double the likelihood of heart disease, blood vessels, and stomach, – 11% alcoholism. What can we say about insomnia, obesity, and depression? In China, workaholism has become a real social catastrophe – more than 500,000 workers die every year from overwork.

Who will make money while I’m lazy?lazy with health

Fanaticism does not mean effectiveness – and more and more managers begin to understand this. Professor Stanford University John Pankavel calculated that between the results of an employee who worked 55 hours, and who worked 70, there is no difference. In addition, workaholics are emotionally unstable, and their health often does not withstand the load: those who work more than 55 hours a week, 33% more often take sick leave. Read more: How Adolescent Males Can Develop a Healthy Sense of Masculinity

But laziness, on the contrary, makes us valuable employees. According to scientists, it improves creativity and helps to find non-standard solutions. This is used by Bill Gates: somehow he admitted that he would rather hire a lazy person: so that nothing would stop him from being lazy, he would find the simplest and most effective solution to the problem. And at the same time, it will save the company a lot of time and money.

History shows that the billionaire is right: many brilliant discoveries were made not because of hard work, but from a flash of inspiration. Descartes coined the X and Y axes, watching the fly. The law of hydrostatics came to Archimedes’ head when he lay in the tub. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, just after returning from vacation.

Science explains this by the fact that some groups of neurons work more intensively when we rest. The deepest and most creative thoughts are born in a state of rest – this phenomenon was discovered by neurologist Marcus Reichl in 2001.

But I so completely stop getting out of bed!lazy with health

According to scientists, most people are not threatened. Idleness will quickly tire you, and you yourself will want to return to work. It’s been a long time, but you did not want to? So you are not busy with your own business. Our ancestors were lazy to walk and therefore invented the car. You are lazy to follow the instructions of the boss – so maybe it makes sense to start a business and become a boss yourself?

Just in a state of rest you can think about your life and develop an action plan. So be lazy in the name of self-development and with a calm conscience.

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