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Why hair loss occurs?

Hair loss is very common today. In this article, we will explain why it produces hair loss and give you solutions to stop hair loss.

Baldness occurs in both men, and women. In some more than others, but equally affected. The hair is part of our body since we were young, and I lose it is a big change. The image we have of ourselves is modified, and directly harms the self-esteem.

Hair CareThe symptoms are starting to show in the home; more and more hair left in the comb, see hairs on the pillow, or someone tells us something about the subject.

In terms of age, hair loss can occur at any stage of life. Statistically speaking, at age 30 occurs in a third of men, and 50, the figure rises, affecting half of them.

Why hair loss occurs?

The underlying causes of hair loss are divided into two categories: physical and psychological. The most common are:

  • Genetics: the most decisive in suffering hair loss cause. Having direct relatives who suffer from alopecia increases the chances that appears (especially in males).
  • Consumption of drugs: people who are being treated for a medical condition, they may be taking drugs that weaken your hair, or make them lose (e.g. certain anti-tumor, or some derivative of vitamin A). The good news is that the end of treatment, hair grows in the affected areas.
  • Dental infection: it may seem odd, but sometimes hair loss is related to the mouth. Normally usually small localized bald. The root is not destroyed, so that the hair grows back when the problem is solved.
  • Stress: In times of stress, the body has different rhythms. Worst eat and sleep less. All this affects hair loss.
  • Seasonal changes: when a change in the weather, our entire body undergoes small changes to suit. Some people experience joint ailments, but hair loss may also occur.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: food greatly influences especially in hair quality. Abuse of frozen products and saturated fats worsens the skin and hair, it becomes more oily.
  • Age: over the years, the body deteriorates due to natural causes. And the hair turning gray addition, more easily falls.
  • Regular use of harmful products: hair curlers, dryers, irons, etc.

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Hair Types

The hair can be of three types:

  • Dry: dry hair is one that emits little water and fat. The hair is more vulnerable because it has less fat than the coat. For best aerobics class in California visit His physical appearance is rough, and it is difficult to care because it breaks easily.
  • Oily: oily hair is the one with an excess of sebum in the hair fiber. It produces more fat than normal hair, and is easier to collect airborne particles. Therefore it easier oils. It looks shiny and thick.
  • Normal: The normal hair is one that has balance in the amounts of water and fat issued in the hair fiber.

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