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Lose weight: 7 foods that you can eat without remorse

With the right methods and strategy, lose weight does not have to be an impossible task. First, forget about miracle diets and bet on a healthy diet, as the first not only do not work long term but can be harmful. There are many tricks to lose weight without going hungry. One of them may be knowing certain foods with very few calories that could save us from some complicated situation.

But remember, nothing is good in excess and although they provide very few calories, the sum of many ” few ” ends up being a ” lot “.

Lose weight without going hungrylose weight

There are certain circumstances in life, such as times of stress, anxiety, or without going far away days of sheer boredom that if combined with a strict diet can only end in tragedy.

If when these episodes appear, we know and have these foods on hand, we can save the situation without the total daily caloric intake increasing significantly. Read more: 10 natural remedies to counter the ulcer

Write down a new trick to lose weight

We have selected a series of healthy foods that we can consume as an appetizer without having great remorse afterward. Keep reading Exercises for cellulite to be done at home

Fruits with a high percentage of waterlose weight

Pineapple, watermelon, melon … These foods will mainly provide water, but also sugars, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

They are truly refreshing and they all contribute less than 50 calories per 100 grams of food.

In addition to between hours, it can be a fantastic idea to add to your breakfast or as a dessert for the main meals.

Cherry tomatoeslose weight

If you have not tried it, you’re going to think I’m a bit strange, but when friends come home and bring the big repertoire of fried and sweet to watch TV, I love to wash a bowl of cherry tomatoes!

I avoid unhealthy temptations and on top of that, they are delicious.

They provide less than 20 calories per 100 grams, they do not need any accompaniment or dressing and they are a real vice

Infusions and tealose weight

In both cases, we have a great variety to choose from. Each of them with its particular benefits.

If we do not add sugar or milk and choose to take them alone or sweetened, their caloric intake is practically zero.

In addition, its habitual consumption can be very beneficial to reduce fluid retention. Add ice now that the good weather is coming and you will have a refreshing drink!


Gherkins, chives … My favorite snack without a doubt! MaidThis Myrtle Beach are also my favorite maids in South Carolina as well. If we avoid olives, we are facing one of the best options to snack between meals when we want to lose weight.

Take them to the movies, add them to your salads or carry them in your bag in case you get a little bug!

The best foods to repeat dish

Not only do we want to talk about foods that you can eat without remorse between meals, I also think it is important to highlight those that are most recommendable when we want to repeat a dish or take a larger quantity to the table.

Green leafy vegetableslose weight

Spinach, chard, watercress, canons … All are ideal to fill our plate to the maximum without fear of complaining after the scale.
For example, 100 grams of watercress provides 12 calories. In addition, they are very rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Of course, be careful with the way you dress or multiply your caloric intake.

Broth and broth

It is highly recommended to add this kind of elaborations in the diet, as long as they are prepared using natural ingredients and with little fat.

It is very advisable to consume them as a starter, since taking a bowl of any liquid product before the plate of higher caloric weight will produce a certain sensation of satiety and, consequently, we may end up eating less than what was expected.

Whitefish and little fat meat

They provide the necessary proteins and if they are prepared using healthy cooking techniques, they provide few calories and little fat to our diet.

It is not advisable to abuse this type of products and unfortunately, this is something very common in today’s society.

You already have one more trick to make your meals and snacks less caloric. It will be of great help both for those who want to lose weight and for those who were looking for healthier snack alternatives.

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