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Don’t Skip Visits to These Health Care Practitioners

Every year thousands of Americans skip their annual check-ups because they are too busy only to discover they could have saved themselves grief if they had caught a problem early. Each year, you should make a plan to visit your dentist, doctor and ophthalmologist because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


It’s a rare individual who likes going to the dentist but keeping your teeth brushed and flossed regularly makes the visits go easier. For some people who have conditions like receding gums or excessive tartar build up, it’s even more important to schedule these visits sometimes as often as four times a year. A quick hour in the dentist chair every quarter beats hours in the chair trying to correct what could have been prevented. Whether you need a filling in Bozeman, MT or a tooth removal Cordova TN, it makes so much more sense to get the problem taken care of quickly rather than to let it fester.


Even if you feel fine, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual check-up with your general practitioner (and with an ob/gyn if you’re a woman). At this appointment, you can expect a thorough physical examination plus a urinalysis, complete blood count and a blood chemistry panel. This yearly exam will help your doctor help you get ahead of any emerging problems such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, both of which if ignored in the short-term, can cause long-term problems.


Perfect vision is a blessing, but changes in vision often happen so gradually that it’s hard for you to detect when there is a change. (Just ask any parent who realized their child needed glasses before their child did.) At the ophthalmologist’s office, you can expect to undergo several painless tests that include checking the thickness of your cornea and measuring your visual acuity.

Annual check-ups should go beyond just getting a flu shot. It’s important to take all aspects of your health seriously as ignoring your yearly once-over could be as problematic as not putting oil in your car.

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