Push-ups: Increase your pushups

Do you want to learn how to do more reps of your push-ups?

For every man it is crucial to get the most from your body. In addition to searching for form and volume, it is important athleticism.

Believe it or not, a good test to see if you are fit or not you count how many consecutive push-ups can you do. I work with people very fit, with sports professionals and I think 50 consecutive perfect pushups are the standard for evaluating efficiently your state of fitness.

Most people think that with just a little ‘training will be able to achieve this goal.

Not really … You know when I hear these beliefs what is my response? “Great, now show me how and how many push-ups you do!”

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Pushups you, but correctly!

Because there are only two types of push-ups: those perfect and darkened. As a Personal Trainer great emphasis on the perfection of execution for the year before the number of possible repetitions.

Call a perfect push-up keeping your back in its physiological form, that is, respecting all the natural curves of the body, not accentuate it reset them, for the entire range of motion, the arms straight position until your chest touches the ground. Slow movement. Alternate breathing.

There is a good reason why I have this standard: the perfect pushups strengthen the entire body so much better and they are also safer for your joints.

And is certainly more difficult to make a perfect bending on arms, but will definitely give you more results.

I think a person who can perform 50 pushups perfect is really strong and fit, much more than a person who can perform 100 pushups but in a terrible manner.

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How can I get to make 50 consecutive push-ups?

Do push-ups every day!

If you want to be good at something, do it every day! Following this maxim which is brutally effective as concern the push up, you will get to run in time 50 consecutive pushups.

A first method is to perform 50 total perfect declines in the course of each day. Do the repetitions that you can 5, 10, 15 … rest and continue until you reach the 50 reps. Fifty pushups perfect day may not seem like a lot for our goal, but in the end, with the passage of time and with constancy, you will see that you will do all in a row.

A second method that I recommend you do a lot of push arm exercises.

Doing more pushing exercises for the upper body, it allows you to strengthen the muscles useful on your push-ups.

These exercises allow you to strengthen pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps: bench press, incline bench press, military press, dips, french press, tricep push downs are all great options.

You can also match these of push ups exercises in super series.

Let me explain how. Take for example the bench press, load a weight that allows you to perform 20 reps, do them and then immediately put yourself on the ground to do a set of push-ups for all possible repetitions. Rest one minute and repeat the process for 5 times.

Another tip is to do 5 pushups perfect every 15 seconds until you reach the 50 push-ups in total. After a week try to do 10 push-ups perfect every 15 seconds until you reach the 50 push-ups in total, if you can not, do what you can after the first ten and continue in the days and weeks until you do 10 push-ups every 15 perfect up to 50.

Then Increase to 15 perfect pushups every 15 seconds until it reaches the 50 total pushups (exactly 20 + 15 + 15). Finally try to do 30 + 20, then 40 + 10 and then up to 50 non-stop.

That’s it I gave you three good tips to boost your endurance strength in the push-ups, what are you waiting for?

Immediately on the ground and off with push-ups!

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