How to Increase The Resistance? 7 Straight From Write down

Regardless of the sport practiced whether it’s football, dancing, tennis or other, to which all sports need is resistance.

The resistance activity is usually recognized as aerobic activity; this is because the body uses oxygen to allow the muscles to contract. Therefore, the increase in resistance is proportional to the increase in oxygen consumption used by the muscular work.

Nutrition and hydration can improve endurance. The workout improves both absorption and release of oxygen and that’s why one of the most important factors.

Most people tend to focus on cardio exercises to increase its resistance. In fact, there are many more useful and dynamic ways to increase it. Here are some tips that may be helpful.

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1. Combine strength training and cardio

Instead of focusing solely on training of strength or on the cardio, why not try to combine the two? Increase muscle mass will not only make you stronger but it will also help increase your metabolism and consequently the resistance.

Becoming stronger, the body will certainly feel lighter and will be able to control the movements more efficiently, thus using less oxygen.

Exercises such as squats and lunges, increase leg strength, helping to run effortlessly at least 90 minutes, giving you more energy to sprint and sprinting.

2. Choose multi-joint exercises

Exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups and pull-ups, involving all more than one muscle group, and then helping you to improve your endurance as opposed to what can make a move isolated, given by training of a single muscle at a time such as happens with exercises like dips for your triceps and bicep biceps curls.

Exercises such as lunges, alternating the biceps curl, can be a good way to stimulate more muscles simultaneously. The cardiovascular system will derive great benefit and with it also your endurance.

3. Dynamic exercises

The dynamic and explosive exercises are ideal to include in your workout, allowing you to test strength and endurance at the same time. Try adding to your workout exercises like box jumps, burpees, and squat frog.

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4. Give up the old routine

After about two weeks, your body will start to become familiar with the usual training routine: so remember that it is important to change from time to time.

If your workout is usually in the run for 90 minutes on a soccer field, then try to vary trying for example with cycling or swimming! This can be a motivation to those who are bored to always follow the usual routine.

5. Reduce rest periods

In a training session in the weight room the recommended recovery time between a series and the other, are usually between 30 and 90 seconds.

If your goal is to test and improve the resistance, try to reduce the time of 10-20 seconds. Will be shorter breaks and more the cardiovascular system will benefit.

Try to complete a traction circuit, push-ups, squats and sit ups, taking little recovery time between exercises.

6. Progressive Growth

If your goal is to not feel overly fatigued after a run, going to the bike or have played a football match, then you have to do is to continue to increase the workload during training.

Browse more times the same distance without increasing the rhythm will not bring any advantage, as it does not involve the cardiovascular system.

You need to keep increasing the workload (whether it be the training volume, resistance or distance) to really stimulate your body and boost your stamina.

7. Be patient

Increase the resistance it is a time-consuming process is important not to overload the body especially in the first weeks.

Too much exercise or too much weight can cause injury. It begins to build strength and endurance in small steps. It is also important to establish periods of rest to allow the body to recover completely.

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