Free yourself from your mental fatigue once and for all

Stress, psychological fatigue, mental fog are a big problem because it is may develop into depression and dementia it is because is a strange disease since the functions of the brain are still not well understood.

If you eat only garbage, the liver gets tired and does not produce sufficient enzymes to create antioxidant compounds that release the body of toxins

The intestine is the hole and you go out just ideas of shit …

No joke, but by dint of bad eating intestines will pit for real and so all the nutrients that benefit the brain are not well absorbed and from there on it is a crash dive for your health.

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Open the drawer of the medicine and see if there is any of these things:

Which of these uses? How long? Are you sure sure I can do without it?

Are you addicted?

As you mentioned before, for the junk food, the same goes for drugs: the kidneys are struggling to expel them, the liver metabolizes them badly, this stuff accumulates in the body, creates additional toxins, and STRANGE become “idiot from day to day other”.

Yet it is not that we want to have a crystal ball, if the bucket will never empties eventually erupts …

It is not a permanent solution, but if you just can not help it, do so to expel toxins as much as possible:

Eat healthy, abundant with vegetables, use some good detoxifying product or some type enterosgels omeotossicologico type the Galium, or some liver detox like milk thistle, glutathione, methionine (made by the pharmacist recommend some product based on SAMe S-adenylyl -methionine and explain to him that you want to detoxify your liver, but you do not have depression)

In short, arranged a little! It’s not like I can do everything myself here …


Memory loss can be a symptom of pernicious anemia, a rare form of lack of vitamin B12 not due to diet

Especially in the elderly the first symptoms of pernicious anemia

So if you have some of these symptoms (in a very severe), Currency examination of vitamin B12 and if it lacks six, begins to integrate it, you may find an energy never before


An overproduction of thyroid hormones (HYPERTHYROIDISM) is usually caused by Graves disease, while one below production (HYPOTHYROIDISM) normally depends hashimoto thyroiditis. Both diseases can cause memory impairment (if not dementia)

HYPERTHYROIDISM: To diagnose this disease, doctors rely on a blood test that measures the levels of thyroid hormones surgically removing the thyroid or destroying it with radioactive iodine, usually memory problems disappear (it does not seem much of a way, if I have to speak my mind, but I’m not an endocrinologist, therefore we refer you to someone better than me. But they are absolutely convinced that detach an arm because it hurts a finger does not seem much of a solution)

The POTIROIDISMO: This problem is diagnosed by measuring liivlli of circulating hormones in the blood that stimulate the thyroid. Doctors usually will impinge of Eutirox (the most widely used drug in Italy to “cure” the thyroid gland), but usually this does not cure the thyroid and even cure memory lapses, so I and would return to the main point: with noninflammatory a diet you have a good chance that the problem falls almost entirely by himself

Well … now that I have thoroughly terrified you, we move on to what to do.

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“What can I do to have a brain a super efficient, as never in my life?”

Anything: you just have to stand as God!

No obligation 1: Go to bed early and sleep enough hours (enough is 7-8. Not 15 minutes a few times a day as my friends realtors who would lead you to see a house at 5 am in order to be useful)

Duty 2: avoid the “blue light”. No, do not be stupid, I’m not telling you to become color blind as my friend who worked in a paint factory (True story …), he is born, to you after 18 (we also do the 19, are good) must be ABSOLUTELY far from the light of the computer or mobile phone screens (and possibly the TV, but now mobile phone and computer would be much).


The popular saying is that “then you hurt your eyes, you are too tired and do not sleep” (tell me you have also said to you, right?)

The scientific reason is that the blue light of the LED and various smartphone screens, prevents the formation of melatonin: the hormone that regulates the rhythms of sleep / wake your body

(Is not the same thing, but almost, when you’re locked in the office 12 hours a day and because artificial lights always confuse “good evening” and “morning”)

You can fix, like this:

– Detaching eyes from the screen in the evening as it is doing (I obliged to detoxify, since she works in a windowless office all day, so impend the formation of vitamin D, confusing circadian rhythms .. in short, a mess … Mari, they are close, it is hard but you can do it! but stop with caffeine, or “even today you sleep tomorrow”)

– Using special orange glasses (I do not know if they have an official name, but you can find them easily enough on google, it’s not my interest in sponsoring it, not actually know how they work: the only thing is to try)

– Use the f.lux software that makes sure that the screen of your PC uses less blue light at sunset.

On the iPhone there is an equivalent function that does the same thing (just press the appropriate button), on Android I think there is just the app f.lux.

– You can use the magnesium chelate or inositol for rest (3-400 mg in the evening may suffice)

– You can use the Melatonin (1 gram per night should be sufficient)

– There are also many useful herbs to promote sleep, such as valerian or passionflower, but not the Chamomile.

I know that as a child you were told “now I take a chamomile better to rest, to sleep,” but the chamomile in high doses (but not much) is a stimulant, so avoid it.

Now, all this is very nice and I’m sure I provided very powerful tools (they are the first to use them), but as the ad said: “Power is nothing without control”, in fact if you have no control of ‘ inflammation of your body, these tools will certainly be useful but will only be a patch to cover the hole that lies beneath.

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