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How to burn calories without going to the gym!

As early as some of us have started going to the gym. But it is very common that, despite the good post-holiday purposes, you cannot keep faith with the commitment made themselves when it was decided to go to the gym. This is the case, just as an example, the super busy mothers between home and work or sometimes just a matter of patience. The fact is that you end up giving up.

How then to burn the calories we burned going to the gym or at least a part? The advice for those who let go of it as a matter of consistency is to opt for a sport or a fun discipline so as to combine business with pleasure. This will significantly reduce the chances that you stop going to the gym.

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Alternative options to the classic gym area are really a lot, since the much more exciting sports, such as tennis, volleyball, water polo, through activities such as zumba, kick-boxing, until disciplines pleasant and relaxing as the pilates. Therefore, there is plenty of choice.

If the weather is very little, or the gym is too far, in fact, even if you can’t just wanting to go to the gym or to grant a certain number of hours per week in sports, it just has to integrate it into daily life. In short, you can burn calories while you work or while you are at home to look after the children, without taking time to your daily activities.

Let’s start from the times when you are at home, perhaps to look after the children. Well who’s mother knows what it might be, albeit pleasant, even challenging, stay with children throughout the day. Enjoy! The children are a volcano of energy … contagious. Rather than make them feel more in front of the TV, organized with them some walk or ride to the park, or the bike rides. So do physical activities with them, so you will burn calories as well as sharing some good times.

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If you are busy with domestic work, know that they themselves are a physical activity. Do you think a petite woman consumes 160 Kcal per hour of housework. In short, one more reason to put a glossy home and reorganization of space.

In office, however, to burn calories, you have to be more flexible with your sedentary lifestyle. As you must try to get moving for a total of 15 minutes every hour. This is not to abandon the work, but to leave your chair, go get a glass of water, taking the stairs rather than the elevator if you go on errands, and even the hour of the lunch break does not let it sit in front of the desk. Consider that those who are overweight moves 2.5 hours less than the normal weight.

And when it comes out? Also in the evening when you leave, you do not sit in a corner chatting or staring others. Be more sociable, get up, walk. If you are a guest house dates out in the kitchen, or if you find yourself at a party, do not be musoni, ballads too!

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