Three Things to Think About When Moving House in Retirement

Moving house is usually stressful no matter what age you are, but when you are doing it in retirement it can be a time of a lot of other big changes, as well as the emotional impact of it, especially if you have lived in your current home for a long time.

However, moving house in retirement is a popular choice to make, as for many people it makes logical sense. Whether you see retirement as a chance to move to somewhere you have always wanted to live, or want to downsize to a smaller property, before you jump straight into it and head to the estate agents, here are some things to ask before you go searching for your dream home in retirement….

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Health – When we get older we need to pay more attention to our health as we are more likely to suffer from health issues. When moving it is important to take into account how you can best manage your health in the future – for example, a bungalow is a good way to make sure that your home is easier as you age, and if you are moving abroad, check what the healthcare system is like there before you go.

Your Belongings – If you have a lot of stuff that has accumulated over the years, this can make moving house really stressful! If you plan to move, it is a good idea to have a good clear out first and sort through all of your belongings. You might be able to take some things that you no longer need to charity shops or sell them to make some money. You might even come across a valuable antique when you are clearing out!

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Family and Friends – Something that people often think about when they move are their friends and family. It might be that you want to be closer to family and want to spend more time with them now that you don’t have to work. You might be wanting a busy social life now that you don’t have to work. In this case look for something that has a community feel where you can meet new friends like these Park Homes Gloucestershire.

It might be that you are going to be moving away from family to your dream location. Think about how you will manage this, and how you will stay in touch if you were to move away.

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