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The problem with transport and disability

Public transport planners still seem to have an issue with opening up the service to wheelchair users. Buses ride heights are still too high and generally involve steps making them impossible for wheelchair users to access. Trains, both over and underground, are less inclined to give easy access or there has to be special provision made with the station staff before the train arrives. It means that increasingly wheelchair users are turning to a new and better way for them to travel and experience places. They are purchasing or using WAV Vehicles like those from, to name but one example.

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WAV vehicles (Wheelchair accessible vehicles) are a brilliant way for people with mobility issues and wheelchair users to get to areas that were previously impossible. A trip to the shops and town centre may have been unthinkable, but now the disable person can drive themselves or have a partner or carer do it for them without any difficulties getting out the car at the other end.

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These ingenious machines allow the wheelchair to be pushed or driven directly into the rear and then closed using a larger hatchback system. This is not the only option. There are also makes and models that allow for the wheelchair users to be in the car and store the chair on the roof. An automated system allows for the chair to be pulled up into a box on the roof where it can then be deposited back on pavement when the desired destination is reached.

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