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2 Things You Should Know about Emergency Dentistry

Dentistry is a vital component of health. Thus, there are dental health emergencies just as

there are emergencies for other aspects of health. Keep these 2 things in mind regarding

emergency dentistry:

1. Know What Your Closest Treatment Options Are

It’s crucial to prepare for dental emergencies so that, in such an event, you already have a plan

in place. Doing so entails that you establish the available options, their locations, and the

prices of their emergency services. For example, you could look up Reston emergency dentist if

you live in Reston, VA, to learn the locations of treatment services and how close they are to

your home.

2. Take Appropriate Action at Home First

While panicking during an emergency is normal, you must try to remain calm. In a dental

emergency, the severity of the situation may impact how you react and what you need to do

before going to the dentist. For example, trained professionals should handle injuries to the

jaw or broken orthodontic gear. On the other hand, you can treat a knocked-out or broken

tooth by cleaning and icing the tooth itself, then taking over-the-counter pain medicine at

home before you seek treatment. Nevertheless, avoid delaying treatment. If you’re unsure

whether you need immediate treatment, contact your dentist.

Due to the importance of oral health to overall health, you must pay them equal attention.

Ensure you’re aware of your dental health and establish what to do in an emergency.

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