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Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, most commonly referred to as caps, are restorations that help restore function in a decayed or broken tooth. There are many materials that are used to create these crowns, and the type of material chosen depends on your unique situation. Find out about the different types of crowns and in what situations they are used.

Porcelain and Ceramic

Some crowns can be fabricated in the office in a single visit. This type of dental crown Skippack PA is often made of a porcelain and ceramic blend. These are natural-looking restorations that are often used for front teeth. They can also be used for back teeth, but a stronger material may be chosen if the patient’s bite is particularly heavy.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain fused to metal crowns, usually abbreviated as PFM, are strong restorations that are the go-to for many dentists. They combine the strength of metal with the aesthetic appeal of porcelain, making them a popular choice for patients. The porcelain can be matched to the patient’s natural teeth so that the crown blends in seamlessly.

Full Cast Metal

In some situations, the patient’s bite may not have enough room for a porcelain or porcelain-covered crown to fit; they tend to take up more room than a full-metal crown. A full-metal crown used on the back teeth will not be noticeable when the patient smiles, so it is unlikely that anyone besides the dentist and patient would ever notice. However, some patients may choose gold or silver crowns as a cosmetic treatment on front teeth.

There are many reasons that you might need a dental crown, but it is important that you are an active participant in your treatment. Ask your dentist what material is being used and why that specific material was chosen. When you are given all the facts, you can make an informed decision about your own oral health.

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